Since we’re fast approaching the most important, highly-anticipated date night of the year, we wanted to make sure your smile was ready.
At Cosmetic Dental Associates, we know how important your smile is to you. You rely on it to be an honest representation of who you are and how you feel. You want your smile to also be attractive, especially in the eyes of your Valentine.
Our team also knows how important it is to pull off the perfect evening with your sweetheart. This particular holiday puts enormous pressure on men and women alike. After all, nobody wants to return to work the day after Valentine’s to regale colleagues with the story about the most disappointing date they ever had, right?
We’re here to help you have a successful night out with your date so they can have an epic story to share with friends.
We can do that by boosting your confidence with our wide-ranging teeth whitening treatments that can dramatically improve your smile so it sparkles and shines for your Valentine!

Make Your Smile Sparkle With Teeth Whitening!

A dull smile can put a damper on date night. You want everything to go smoothly for a romantic evening with your sweetheart, and a dingy smile can threaten that.
That’s because there’s a certain amount of confidence men and women find very attractive in a romantic partner. If you’re embarrassed about stains on your teeth, it’s hard to carry yourself with the kind of confidence that your date would like to see.
While you’re out on the town, you want everything to be perfect. Yet despite dining in a fine restaurant, strolling through beautiful city streets, and dancing the night away at the newest hot spot, your date will notice something is off if you seem preoccupied or timid about showing your teeth.
Let’s keep that from happening by giving you a smile that sparkles and shines for your Valentine!
In our San Antonio dental office, you have several options in whitening treatments so you can find the one that suits you best.
Choose from:
*Convenient take-home treatments for whitening you control!
*In-office whitening that uses professional strength gel for a brighter smile in one visit!
*Permanent teeth whitening via crystal shells that cover teeth stains for life!
There’s quite a bit to consider when choosing the right whitening method for you. That’s where you’ll be grateful for our experienced dentist, Dr. Moore!
We like to brag about him here in San Antonio quite a bit! But surely you understand why when you discover his extensive training and impressive resume of accomplishments in the field of dentistry!
Still a record-holder from his work as a senior at the University of Texas Health Science Center, Dr. Moore has spent a lifetime demonstrating his natural abilities and true passion for art, engineering, and innovation.
His long list of professional accolades stretch all across the country from some of the finest, most prestigious institutions, but after just one consultation with him in person, you’ll understand why his accomplishments aren’t surprising at all.
In the expert hands of Dr. Moore and our cosmetic team, you’ll feel comfortable and confident in our guidance toward the smile you’ve always wanted!

Schedule Teeth Whitening Treatment

Finish off those last minute date-night preparations with a call to Cosmetic Dental Associates for teeth whitening treatment.
You’ll get the kind of results that can only be found from a professional. With safe, effective treatment administered by one of our skilled dentists is the best way to get a brighter smile that lasts.
We offer several options to whiten your teeth, which means we can customize a plan to give you the sparkling smile you’re after in a way that you feel comfortably suits your goals, schedule, and budget.
Take advantage of our expert teeth whitening at Cosmetic Dental Associates for a Valentine smile that sparkles and shines! Call our San Antonio office today at 210-951-4444 (Medical Center) 210-942-5047 (Alamo Ranch) 210-934-8188 (Stone Oak) or fill out our online form to schedule your whitening treatment.