Whether you’ll be in front of the classroom, part of the student body, or parenting from the sidelines, the beginning of a new school year is the ideal time to secure a smile makeover. Teeth whitening is one of the least invasive and most affordable cosmetic dentistry treatments available. This procedure can prepare you and your confidence for a year of education, and you’ll look good while doing it.
Here are the ABCs and 123s of teeth whitening:

Always see a professional dentist for teeth whitening.

It is not uncommon for people who use store-bought whitening treatments to be irritated by the components in the whitener. A dentist uses desensitizing cream and mouth guards to minimize any discomfort you may feel from the bleaching materials. If you feel pain anyway after a carefully administered teeth whitening treatment, this may be a sign that something else is amiss with your oral health – being with your dentist during this realizing can help him diagnose other oral health issues that may be in play, like gum disease or tooth decay.

Beware of over-the-counter teeth whitening products.

Teeth whitening treatments that you can buy at your local drugstore can often be effective in altering the shade of your enamel. However, there are plenty of drawbacks to going with a do-it-yourself method. The first problem is that the DIY options do not contain the same powerful bleaching agent as professional teeth whitening treatments, which means the results may not last long and you’ll be more inclined to repeat the whitening. This creates another problem. Too much whitening can lead to an abuse of the product, which could create gum and tooth irritation

Completely perfect teeth are not necessary for teeth whitening.

You may feel like you’re not a candidate for teeth whitening if you have some gaps in your teeth, overlapping teeth, or crooked teeth. This is not true! Whiter teeth can make any smile look better, even if you have some aesthetic imperfections. But if you do want to do something about those complaints first, Invisalign is an option that can alter your smile tremendously, and when paired with whitening you’ll have an incomparable smile makeover.

1 hour is all it takes to get your professional teeth whitening treatment.  

Get your teeth whitened on your lunch break, before the job interview, in preparation for your wedding, before the first date, and, of course, in time for school to begin. You can’t claim to not have time for taking care of your teeth – one hour out of one day for years of amazing results and kickbacks? Priceless.

2 types of stains could be affecting the color of your teeth.

The results of your teeth whitening treatment will be affected by the type of tooth stains you have. Your dentist will carefully examine your teeth before starting any whitening treatments to make sure the procedure will be effective. If you have extrinsic tooth stains which are on the surface of your teeth and typically caused by eating, plaque, and normal wear and tear, whitening will help. If you have intrinsic stains, this is actually discoloration within the tooth that makes teeth look yellower or darker – teeth whitening will have no impact on this type of discoloration. Prepless porcelain veneers are a better choice for a smile makeover.

3 reasons professional teeth whitening is better than DIY.

It is important to know that any whitening treatment will not be able to whiten existing cosmetic dentistry treatments. While most porcelain veneers are stain-resistant, poor upkeep can lead to dingy-looking teeth no matter who you are or what cosmetic dentistry you’ve had done. Teeth whitening, however, is not a cure-all in some situations, particularly if you have veneers, bonding, or crowns. If your cosmetic dentistry is failing, it may be time to upgrade before you opt for whitening.
Going back to DIY whitening strips and their friends, it is absolutely possible to overuse the whitening strips so much that your enamel can change color. Too-frequent whitening treatments can make your tooth enamel look transparent and sometimes even blue.
And, finally, when you use the expertise and skills of a trained professional dentist to complete your teeth whitening treatment, you’ll simply look better. Every tooth does not whiten exactly the same as the next, and these variations are something your dentist will notice and adjust accordingly. No matter what issue you are having with your oral health, seeking the help and advice of Dr. John Moore in San Antonio at Cosmetic Dental Associates will help you achieve the A+ smile makeover you envision.