When it comes to teeth whitening, you can either take your chances with a take-home kit, or come in to our office in San Antonio for teeth whitening and have it done professionally. The treatments we provide are unique to each patient’s teeth, and we provide you with realistic expectations of what the final results should look like right from the start. That’s why so many of our customers walk out with big smiles – smiles that they’re proud of – once the treatment is finished.
Although over-the-counter kits can sometimes be affective, you certainly will not get the type of service that comes with a professional San Antonio teeth whitening. And, in some cases, it may not even be safe.
For example, look no further than the Federal government recently ordering Bright White Express Advanced Teeth Whitening Kits and Pro Teeth Professional Whitening Pens off the market for a recall. The government discovered that there are high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide in these products that could potentially cause chemical burns to customers’ mouths and gums.
We share this information with you not to bash the maker, Pro Teeth Whitening of Australia, but as a warning that you need to carefully research pharmacy teeth whitening kits before using them. Twenty-two teeth whitening products have had to be recalled since December and eight other suppliers have voluntarily yanked their products from store shelves.
Watch out for “carbamide peroxide” or “hydrogen peroxide” in the ingredients list of any product you’re thinking about buying. They can cause major mouth problems. A true “professional” whitening job is always your best bet for top-notch results, but please do be careful if you do intend to use an alternative method.