This time of year, the job market sees an influx of new candidates seeking to throw their hat in the ring for the first time.
That’s because it’s graduation season!
Whether you or someone you love will be trading in a cap and gown for business casual over the next few months, you need a beautiful smile to give you the advantage for job interviews.
Our team at Cosmetic Dental Associates offers a variety of cosmetic dentistry strategies to suit your smile goals and give you the courage to pursue your professional aspirations!

Graduation Is The Perfect Occasion For Cosmetic Dentistry!

Here are just three cosmetic treatments we offer that make perfect gifts for the special graduate in your life!

*Make A Great First Impression With Teeth Whitening*

It happens so slowly over time, that you may not even notice it’s happening.
Teeth stains creep up on you after years of drinking coffee and tea and eating red pasta or dark soy sauce.
Even certain prescription medications can dull your smile over the years.
But with professional teeth whitening, you can quickly and easily give your smile and your confidence a boost just in time for your new career!
It’s the perfect graduation gift because it can make your teeth look bright and healthy, which can give you an advantage over other job candidates.
With our powerful, advanced whitening system in San Antonio, TX, you’ll be ready to set out on a new professional adventure with a fantastic, glowing smile!

*Look Polished & Professional With Veneers*

As much as we’d love it to be the case, adult teeth don’t always come in perfectly straight and even. You might be blessed with strong teeth, while the next person has weak teeth.
When you head off for one job interview after another, you want to look polished and professional, but stained, damaged, uneven, or misshapen teeth give the opposite impression.
Dental veneers at Cosmetic Dental Associates can hide several smile imperfections and give you a winning career smile for up to two decades or more!
First, your tooth enamel is prepared to fit your veneers. After the right amount is carefully removed, your veneers are bonded to your teeth and will fit against your gumline to look natural and feel comfortable.
Veneers replicate natural tooth enamel, but they’re surprisingly strong and can protect your teeth from damage as you wear them. They also resist stains so your bright, beautiful smile stays that way!

*Straighten Your Teeth With Invisalign*

Once college is behind you, the ship has sailed for metal braces. You don’t want to sit down for a job interview looking like an immature teen.
That’s not a slam against teenagers at all! It’s just that employers want to hire people who appear mature and capable, and metal braces can make you appear young and inexperienced.
Like it or not, appearances matter, so when it comes to straightening your teeth beyond a certain age, you need more discreet treatment options.
You get that with Invisalign in our San Antonio, TX dental office.
Instead of dark brackets and wires, you can move your teeth into the right position with this clear aligner therapy that’s barely noticeable. You can even take your aligners out for interviews!
Choosing Invisalign to get a straight smile will better your chances of winning over a potential employer because they won’t be distracted by your braces or concerned about your ability to handle a ‘grown-up’ job!

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