No one should take gum disease lightly. It’s the biggest cause of tooth loss among American adults. So you should visit one of our two San Antonio offices ASAP if you notice bleeding gums, chronic bad breath, or other disease symptoms. But gum health is especially important for diabetics.

As this video points out, diabetics are more vulnerable to gum disease. And infection in the gums increases blood sugar and makes it tougher to manage diabetes. With November being American Diabetes Month, this reminder is especially timely.

Fortunately, gum disease can be prevented with good oral hygiene – daily brushing and flossing and visits to your dentist every six months for an exam and cleaning. Since diabetics have more bacteria in their mouths than non-diabetics, we may suggest more frequent cleanings.

We also offer non-surgical gum disease treatment to keep the disease from advancing to later and more harmful stages. We use a laser, which is a comfortable and effective way to remove infection without affecting healthy tissue. . 

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