Smiles are complex things. A beautiful smile not only needs white, well-formed, and even teeth, it also needs the right balance of teeth and gums. Too much gum makes your teeth look smaller than they are and throws off the balance of your smile.
You might have noticed that your gums show too much, either by looking at photos or just by smiling into a mirror. That awareness could easily make you self-conscious about smiling or laughing out loud.
If you’ve been living with the embarrassment of a gummy smile, take heart! Today’s modern dental technology makes gum reshaping fast and nearly painless.

Not Scalpels. Lasers.

Reshaping someone’s gums used to involve a lot of cutting that brought on a lot of bleeding. It was uncomfortable, to say the least, and messy. Typically, a long healing period was required. And the results you achieved were directly related to the doctor’s steadiness of hand and skill with a scalpel.
Today’s modern laser dentistry is changing all that. Dr. Moore’s special soft-tissue laser will reshape your gums with great precision, minimal pain, no bleeding, and shorter healing times.
Using this special laser, Dr. Moore will remove excess gum tissue to achieve the optimal balance of teeth and gums for your smile. The result can be a dramatic change or a subtle one, but people (and you) will notice a difference in your smile without knowing exactly what that difference is.
But you’ll know, and you’ll love your smile.
Watch this video to learn Dr. Moore’s thoughts about gum reshaping and depigmentation.
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