Considering how much you use your teeth everyday, not being able to use them without pain or some type of discomfort can really disrupt your life, especially during the holidays.
We want you to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner and delicious holiday dishes free of pain! You should never have to suffer when treatment in San Antonio is so easy and effective!

Pain Isn’t The Only Reason Toothaches Are Troublesome!

If pain weren’t reason enough to visit Cosmetic Dental Associates for restorative dentistry, here are a few more reasons you shouldn’t ignore a troublesome toothache:


Probably the most common cause of dental pain and tooth sensitivity, tooth decay is also one of the easiest problems to treat!
With our natural-looking composite fillings, we’re able to remove the decayed portion of a tooth and fill it with a material that blends in with your surrounding teeth completely!


Any infection inside your mouth should be treated immediately. You definitely don’t want it to spread to your surrounding teeth or to the rest of your body.
If bacteria enters your tooth, it can infect the inner tissues and nerves, which can result in an intense, throbbing pain you can’t ignore.
Root canals and restorations are most often the solution, and our experienced, gentle team can make sure your procedure is comfortable and your smile looks completely natural when it’s over!


Still an infection, gum disease deserves it’s own separate attention.
That’s because it’s such an insidious threat, eating away at your gum tissues for a long time before you’re likely to notice any pain or tooth sensitivity.
Not only is gum disease infection associated with all kinds of serious health problems, but it’s the leading cause of premature tooth loss. As the infection recedes your gums, your teeth will loosen and fall out without intervention from your San Antonio dentist.
We can perform gum disease treatment to restore your oral health and protect your teeth. We also provide groundbreaking dental implant solutions if you’ve already lost teeth to untreated periodontal infection.


You may not realize it, but you might be the one causing your painful dental problem!
It’s oftentimes not on purpose, but you could be grinding your teeth or clenching down on your jaw. That can lead to damage, like nicks and cracks, on your tooth enamel that leaves your teeth vulnerable to bacteria.
We will not only restore any damaged teeth, but we can offer solutions to prevent you from grinding your teeth so you don’t continue to put your dental health at risk.

Relieve Your Tooth Pain Now!

Pain is reason enough to visit your San Antonio dentist for help with your dental problem, but if you’ve been trying to ignore it until now, think about what’s causing it, and ask yourself if putting off treatment is worth risking your oral and overall health!
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