You don’t have to wait another day to love your smile!
How’s that for a Thanksgiving blessing?
When you’re ready to pursue orthodontic treatment in San Antonio, TX, there’s one expert who stands head and shoulders above the rest.
That’s Dr. Moore at Cosmetic Dental Associates, one of the country’s top visionaries of cosmetic dentistry!

Here’s Why You’ll Give Thanks For Invisalign!

One of Dr. Moore’s areas of specialization is with Invisalign therapy, a modern orthodontic solution that eliminates all the drawbacks of traditional metal braces.
Here’s why you’ll give thanks for trusting your smile beautification to Dr. Moore and Invisalign in San Antonio!

*It Can Give You A Healthier Smile*

What always seems to surprise our patients when discussing their cosmetic dentistry options is the physical effect the position of your teeth has on health.
Specifically, overcrowding inside your mouth poses not only a problem for your smile’s appearance, but it makes good dental health more difficult to maintain.
With all the overlapping teeth and the extra crevices, food and other debris have more places to hide, and consequently, bad bacteria more fuel upon which to thrive.
So straight teeth can give you a healthier smile!

*It Can Lift A Long-Standing Burden*

People don’t realize the toll it takes to go years and years feeling embarrassed to smile.
It becomes almost second nature to always hide your teeth when smiling, laughing, and speaking. You almost don’t even notice those instincts until you no longer need them to kick in.
When you see your straight teeth for the first time when you’re finished with Invisalign therapy, you’ll notice an instant weight lifted after years of carrying such a long-standing emotional burden of insecurity.

*It Doesn’t Take As Long To Work*

You may have worn braces when you were young, or you may have been waiting your whole life to have straight teeth.
The point is, you’re probably tired of waiting, right?
That’s just another advantage Invisalign therapy has over the competition.
You don’t have to wait 18 to 24 months, or longer, for the treatment to work. Most patients can complete their Invisalign series in about 12 months. That would put you significantly closer to your dream smile!

*It’s More Comfortable & Convenient*

Anyone who’s worn traditional braces before, and maybe that’s you, knows it doesn’t come without some measure of sacrifice.
First, there’s the period of adjustment as you get used to the sharp edges of brackets and wires in your mouth. Then, there’s the aching and soreness of the pressure as your teeth move.
You also have to stay away from certain foods and make changes to your oral hygiene routine to work around your braces.
None of that discomfort or inconvenience is true for Invisalign! The smooth aligners feel comfortable in your mouth, and you can take them out to eat, brush, and floss!

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Imagine this time next year having straight teeth!
Wouldn’t a beautiful, healthy smile be quite the blessing to add to your list of things to feel thankful for?
Let us help make that a reality for you!
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