Everybody wants to have a snazzy smile, and the confidence that comes with it. After all, your smile is the first thing that people will notice about you, so why wouldn’t you want to make that impression great? Good dental hygiene, combined with making regular visits to your San Antonio dentist can help, but sometimes you just want your teeth to be whiter.
You may have heard that whitening your teeth can cause sensitivity in your teeth, but Dr. John Moore, and Cosmetic Dental Associates are here to show you that you can whiten your teeth, while minimizing any sensitivity, leaving you with a dazzling smile.

How can you make my teeth less sensitive to whitening?

There are ways to reduce this temporary sensitivity and make whitening your smile that much more comfortable.

  1. Use toothpaste that has potassium nitrate as an ingredient, such as Pronamel or Sensodyne. This ingredient protects the nerve of the tooth and decreases the sensitivity to hot and cold.  The best results are seen when you use the toothpaste 1 week before whitening, during and 1 week after whitening.
  2. Chew sugar-free gum. Chewing gum stimulates saliva flow and helps to rehydrate the teeth after whitening.
  3. If you use the tray system, you may place a fluoride gel into your tray that your dentist can prescribe to you 4 minutes before bleaching and for 4 minutes after bleaching. The fluoride gel will help to harden the enamel and reduce sensitivity to hot and cold.
  4. The more you do whiten your teeth the intensity of the sensitivity will slowly begin to decrease. It is similar to going to the gym, the first time you are REALLY sore afterwards, but the more you workout the less sore you will be.

Teeth whitening is a budget conscious and safe way to give your smile that extra WOW factor. Speak to an associate at San Antonio Cosmetic Dental Associates today, to schedule an appointment for a teeth whitening consultation.