Many people are self-conscious about their smile for different reasons, and one of the more common reasons why some people are unhappy with or insecure about their smile is because of a gummy smile. When you think of an ideal smile, you may think about straight, white and perfectly aligned teeth. More than that, you think about a smile that has significantly more teeth than gums showing. However, many people have what is called a gummy smile, and this is a smile that has a lot of gum showing. Through cosmetic dentistry San Antonio services, you may be able to improve your gummy smile to get the look you desire.
Identifying the Cause of a Gummy Smile
There are several different causes of a gummy smile, and the first step with any cosmetic dentistry San Antonio treatments is to determine what is causing the issue. Some of the more common causes relate to how the facial muscles function, the size and shape of the lips, the amount of gum tissue that is present and the size and shape of the teeth. Most people prefer to have as little gum showing in their smile as possible, and identifying why more gum is showing in your smile will help to determine the best treatment option. In some cases, there is more than one cause for a gummy smile, and this means that multiple treatments may be needed.
Pursuing Different Treatment Options
After the cause of the gummy smile has been determined, cosmetic dentistry San Antonio treatments can be pursued. These include relatively minor treatments like laser treatments that can give you same-day results or orthodontics to move the teeth into a more desirable location. Some surgical options may also be considered, and this includes repositioning the lips surgically, re-sculpting the bone and gingival tissue to re-contour the gum line and re-positioning the bone through maxillofacial surgery.
If you have a gummy smile, you may be less likely to smile in social situations, or you may feel awkward and uncomfortable speaking to people. This is a cosmetic issue that can have a major impact on your life, but there are cosmetic dentistry San Antonio treatments that can be used to remedy the situation. A great idea is to schedule a consultation with a cosmetic dentistry San Antonio office today to learn more about the treatment options that may be recommended for your unique situation.