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Ignore These 4 Myths About Cosmetic Dentistry!

We know that sometimes, myths can have a lot of influence over people who want a better smile, but aren’t sure if they’re ready to take the first step.
We hope to change that by debunking four of the most common misconceptions people tend to have about cosmetic dentistry.

Myth #1 – Cosmetic Dental Work Is Too Expensive!

When it comes to the cost of cosmetic dentistry, you can’t necessarily narrow your options down with simple price tag comparisons.
That’s because every person is unique and requires a customized treatment plan, which means costs will vary from one patient to the next.
Moreover, cosmetic dentistry covers so many different procedures that differ in complexity and cost range, and many of them are far more affordable than you think!
Finally, cosmetic dentistry is a value-based pursuit, which means it’s an investment in you, your appearance, and your happiness.
You can’t put a price tag on that!
During a cosmetic consultation, you’ll discuss with our team what you want to achieve, and we’ll match you with the treatment that you’re most comfortable with!

Myth #2: Teeth Whitening At The Dentist Is A Wasted Investment!

We devote quite a bit of time to this topic in our blogs, but if you’re new to our practice, we’ll set this straight right away!
Stains can set in on your teeth very slowly and for all sorts of reasons. Some stains are darker and more stubborn than others.
But regardless of their cause, you can’t rely on store-bought whitening kits to lift them enough to give you noticeable results.
The chemicals contained in them aren’t strong enough, and the mouth trays and strips aren’t customized to fit you properly.
In our San Antonio practice, you have a wide array of options to brighten your smile according to your goals, schedule and budget, from a quick in-office whitening treatment to dental veneers. Relying on our professionals for teeth whitening will give you remarkable results no store-brand product can beat!

Myth #3: Cosmetic Treatments Are Quite Painful!

Millions of people are terrified of dental treatment of all sorts. So while it makes sense that many people would assume cosmetic dental procedures are painful, it’s not the case at Cosmetic Dental Associates.
Not only do we use advanced technology for more precise, comfortable care, many cosmetic treatments specifically involve minimally-invasive, and even some non-invasive, techniques that are virtually painless. Your tooth enamel doesn’t contain any nerve endings, for example, so even those procedures that require modification to your teeth in preparation don’t involve a long, painful process.

Myth #4: Cosmetic Dentistry Results Always Look So Fake!

The only way this could possibly be true is if you didn’t go to the right place.
We can only speak for ourselves, but at Cosmetic Dental Associates, this one is most certainly a myth!
One of Dr. Moore’s top priorities is making sure our San Antonio, TX dental office is well-equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology. Our investment in modern dental innovation is an investment in you because it means we’re using the finest materials and most advanced methods so your cosmetic results are as lifelike and natural-looking as possible!
We even include an extensive smile gallery on our website showcasing before and after images so you can see for yourself the kind of artistry and craftsmanship you can expect from our team.

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