Greetings, from your cosmetic team in San Antonio, TX!
Dr. Moore and our highly-trained staff want to take a stroll with you in today’s blog.
We’re going to guide you through the next year of your life to see what it might look like if you had a gorgeous new smile with dental veneers from Cosmetic Dental Associates.
Come with us!
*You’ll Feel More Confident To Go After The Life You Want
It’s always exciting to set goals for yourself, and January is an especially popular time to do it. But you know that achieving goals and pursuing your dreams take courage, oftentimes.
Dental veneers can give you that because no matter what you’re going after, whether it’s a new job or a new relationship, you’ll have the confidence to pursue it thanks to your amazing new smile.
*You’ll Look Stunning In Time For Summer
Everyone likes to fill the summer months with pool parties, family vacations, and other special events. Maybe you have a wedding coming up or are planning to attend an important reunion.
You can look stunning as you coast through the summer season with dental veneers from Dr. Moore in San Antonio!
*Your Smile Will Look Beautiful For Fall Photos
Fall is a popular time for outdoor social functions, like family photo sessions that will be hung on your walls at home.
You might also enjoy tailgating or taking hayrides or hosting bonfires.
Whatever your plans are, you can smile through it all knowing how great your veneers look!
*You Can Finally Enjoy The Holiday Season This Year
Were the holidays less than joyful for you because of all that time and energy you spent trying to hide your teeth?
Then decide once and for all to enjoy the season’s festivities as 2018 comes to a close!
You can be fully present and soak up the precious time you have with family and friends instead of avoiding photo ops or keeping your mouth closed when you laugh. Resolve to have a beautiful smile that will allow to relax and have a great time for the next holiday season.

A Few Things To Consider About Veneers

*Think About Habits That Could Harm Your Veneers
Do you have some nervous habits involving your teeth? If you tend to chew on pencils, ice cubes, and other hard objects, you’ll want to consider changing those behaviors in order to protect your dental veneers from damage and unnecessary wear.
*Understand The Kind Of Maintenance You Might Need
People usually don’t get veneers placed over every single tooth. It’s normally something you do for the front, visible teeth.
Because of that, you’ll want to talk to Dr. Moore about how to maintain the whiteness and smoothness of the teeth that won’t be covered with veneers so your smile always looks great!
*Feel Comfortable With Your Decision
There’s a reason so many people around the country travel to San Antonio for dental veneers. That reason is in large part to the expertise and craftsmanship of our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Moore!
Because veneers require modification of your enamel for better adhesion and fitting, you can’t undo them after they’ve been placed. But with the expert guidance from Dr. Moore, you can make sure going into your veneers fabrication that this is a decision you feel comfortable with!

Schedule A Veneers Consultation

If you sat down and did the math, how much time do you think you’ve wasted over the years being preoccupied with the imperfections in your smile?
Now imagine what you could do with all that extra time instead. Would you rather be focusing on other, more important things?
It’s possible when you get dental veneers at Cosmetic Dental Associates!
When you know your smile looks fantastic, it becomes something you don’t even have to think about anymore. Imagine the kind of year you could have if you no longer had to worry about hiding your teeth! What about for the next five, ten, or even twenty years?!
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