The mouth is both a fragile and resilient thing.
If you’ve ever chipped a tooth on a piece of rock candy, corn kernel, bone, or some stone-like element that found its way into your soufflé, you know what we mean about the mouth being fragile.  And if you’ve ever accidentally bitten your cheek or tongue while scarfing down food, you know that the mouth is also very resilient.  Due to the healing properties of saliva, mouth wounds heal relatively quickly compared to wounds in other places.
But what does the fragility and resiliency of the mouth have to do with dentistry?  That’s the real question.
And the answer is: everything.
Every dental professional knows about the fragile and resilient properties of the mouth, but the ones who work on the mouth as a fragile body are the ones who are held in higher esteem.  They’re the ones who are sought after and loved by patients.  They’re the ones who realize that, although resilient, the mouth requires gentle care.  For two reasons:

  1. Patient comfort
  2. Desired results

Because the mouth is very sensitive, it’s important to make patients as comfortable as possible.  This includes providing an array of things: comfortable chair, soothing environment, a steady hand, and proper anesthetic and numbing practices.  When dentists provide these, they also achieve desired results.
When the patient is comfortable, it’s easier for the dentist to work.  The patient doesn’t experience discomfort and, therefore, stays still.  All the practiced movements of the dentist are on-point and accurate.  Nothing prohibits them from making the moves they intend to make.  While working on a comfortable, still patient, the dentist’s natural skill flourishes and works toward achieving the desired result.
In conclusion, when a dentist regards the mouth as a fragile thing, they embrace patient comfort.  They realize that gentle dentistry and patient comfort is at the core of all successful procedures.
At Cosmetic Dental Associates, we make our patients’ comfort a top priority.  This allows us to achieve desired results and send our patients off with a smile, thinking, “Wow, that wasn’t bad at all.”
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