Innovative Technology to Save Time on Dentistry


In this advanced technological age, we live more fast paced lives- doing more with less time. However, we are always looking for more ways to streamline our to-do lists and never ending task loads. Sometimes our health can take a back burner and it can eventually catch up to us. At Cosmetic Dental Associates, we realize that time is money and offer many resources to help you live life with the best smile possible.

Sometimes it isn’t possible to take hours off of work or time away from family. Healthcare providers today are attempting to provide more methods that make health maintenance a swift and economical process. Cosmetic Dental Associates has a few options available to make your dental upkeep as painless on your time and money budget.

1. We Offer San Antonio’s only Virtual Cosmetic Dental Consultants:

It  can be both intimidating and time-consuming to make it to a dental evaluation.  We use our electronic E-Consult to make it possible to get a general idea of our procedures available to help and what it could potentially cost you. Try Cosmetic Dental Associate’s E-consult option to streamline your day!

2. Invisalign Braces

Oftentimes invisalign clear braces can reach a quicker completion time for straightening teeth than traditional braces. Because aligners are replaced every two weeks, at one year your teeth would be further along than with average braces. This helps speed the overall process along, getting you or your child back to living a braces-free smile with straight teeth.  Visit our Invisalign page for more details on how to straighten your teeth the invisible way.

3. Lumineers In Record Time

Cosmetic Dental Associates is an authorized San Antonio LUMINEERS dentist. Lumineers are the easy, fast and painless way to perfectly align your smile and whiten teeth permanently. Look at our Lumineers by Cerinate page for amazing before an after pics!

We want to make your oral dental health the best it can be, and that means saving you time. Contact 33Smile at 210-951-4444 to make your appointment today.

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