There is always a good excuse for not getting traditional metal braces: I’m too old. I’ll look like a metal mouth. I don’t have time. They’ll hurt. Certainly, some patients may attempt to employ these same excuses when it comes to Invisalign too, but this method of orthodontia eliminates the biggest complaints about traditional metal braces while still getting the job done. Teeth alignment can fit into your lifestyle, no matter how you operate, especially when it comes in the form of Invisalign.
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Dedicate Yourself to Invisalign
Any type of orthodontic treatment requires dedication on the part of the wearer, whether that means cleaning the hardware carefully and religiously or avoiding certain foods. Invisalign has its own set of requirements, but it also has plenty of perks too. Here are just a few examples of how Invisalign can fit into your lifestyle:
If you’re a professional…
Whether you’re trying to sell a house, win a case, teach a class, give a presentation, or train a new employee, having a mouth full of metal can certainly get in the way. Invisalign is designed to be practically invisible, so the only people who need to know about it are the people you tell. You can speak in front of others without your orthodontic treatment being noticeable. You can attend business dinners and easily remove your aligners at mealtime so you can eat whatever you’d like with no restrictions. You can do your job without interruption when you wear Invisalign and, after about a year or so, your newly aligned smile will reflect even more on your professionalism and make you look that much more accomplished and competent.
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If you’re a parent…
No adult wants to look like a teen again by wearing braces, which is what makes Invisalign such a great solution for under-the-radar tooth alignment. But what makes Invisalign especially great for parents is that it’s a great way to take care of yourself without feeling like you have to pencil in the time to do it. Your kids no doubt come first most of the time, but with Invisalign you have the opportunity to do some self-care while you’re managing drop-offs and activities and events and homework and every other obligation you have. Plus, Invisalign must be worn 20 to 22 hours a day, which means all that mindless snacking you do on the go will become a more mindful activity and, even if exercising too often falls by the wayside, you might just find yourself losing a few pounds anyway because you’re being more careful about your food choices.
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If you’re a student…
Whether high school or college student, the life of an academic is busy and, at times, overwhelming. There is room, however, for improving your smile. While some young people are content to get by with their slightly crooked teeth or misaligned bite in order to avoid “brace face,” the reality is that you will avoid bigger oral health problems in the future if you deal with minor issues now. For parents who have concerns about their teens being reliable enough to wear Invisalign properly, Invisalign research has shown that teens are actually more careful with their aligners than adults. For young adults who need orthodontic treatment, Invisalign still allows them to live life as they enjoy and eat whatever they want without feeling like they’re being pigeonholed by metal brackets and wires.
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If you’re dating…
Braces and kissing? They just don’t mix. Unless, of course, you’re wearing Invisalign. You can get close to your date without being embarrassed about hardware on your teeth. The nearly invisible aligners are so hard to spot that you can take photos of yourself and post them on your online dating profiles without anyone being the wiser. And, depending on when you meet your potential match, your teeth will likely already look better than they did in the pictures. Invisalign is designed to move certain teeth at certain times, which helps your smile begin to look better sooner rather than later.
Whatever your lifestyle, profession, or hobbies, Invisalign can fit into your world. Find out if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign. Visit Dr. John Moore to discuss your orthodontic options and learn more about the pioneering Invisalign-veneer treatment he developed for people who may have, at one time, been told that Invisalign wasn’t possible for them.