Invisalign was founded in 1997, and has treated more than one million patients worldwide. This revolution has changed the face of orthodontics, as we know it. An Invisalign aligner is a clear plastic mouthpiece that is custom fitted to each individual for a specific movement of a person’s teeth. Technicians and dentists arrange teeth step by step to the desired location by sequencing the aligners. Certain teeth are moved by a controlled force each treatment, transforming your smile and appearance gradually.
Not only is this technology clear and removable, but also the dentist is able to view the results using a computer image, and plan the new smile before beginning treatment. Healthier gums, easy cleanings, improved chewing and speech, are just a few benefits of this technology. Patients will be able to maintain comfort and tooth structure, eliminating abnormal stress caused from misaligned teeth and jaws.
Invisalign technology has recently developed techniques to treat cases that dentists previously thought uncorrectable by Invisalign. Invisalign is able to treat cases from mild spacing to severe surgical cases, such as underbites or overbites and tooth extraction cases. It was also discovered at the 2009 Invisalign Summit for US dentists, that Invisalign gives more stable and longer lasting results than conventional braces.
The Align Tech Institute reported a case where a patient was to receive Invisalign, and were told they would need a tissue graft repair after the straightening of their teeth. After the Invisalign alignment, the dentists involved in this case found the tissue grew back completely. This eliminated the need for grafting, surgery or electro laser surgery.

Here at CDA we have two of the most experienced Invisalign dentists in San Antonio.

To prove how truly revolutionary this technology is, Cosmetic Dental Associate’s Dr. John A. Moore Jr., an expert in Invisalign, clears up common myths and misconceptions often thought about Invisalign.

Misconception #1: Invisalign will take longer than conventional braces

False. In many cases, Invisalign gives the final results faster than conventional braces. Aligners are replaced every two weeks, while traditional orthodontic appointments are spread out, usually a month, for adjustments. In the course of a year, you will receive 26 orthodontic adjustments with Invisalign, whereas you may have 10 adjustments with traditional braces. And although you are coming in to see our dentists in North San Antonio more often, this treatment is not necessarily more expensive than traditional braces!

Misconception #2: Invisalign will not work for me!

Often, patients with overbites and under bites are told by some dentists that they are not candidates for Invisalign, and that there case won’t be corrected with Invisalign. If you have been told Invisalign will not work in your case, you will need to get a second opinion. You can visit,, to find a dentist who is an Elite Provider of Invisalign in your area. The reason Invisalign is revolutionary is because it is able to treat many cases, both simple and severe!

Misconception #3: It costs more than conventional braces.

False. Conventional braces and Invisalign cost about the same, and in some cases Invisalign is less. If you are told the Invisalign treatment will be more expensive, consult the Invisalign Web site to locate a recommended dentist in your area.

Misconception #4: It won’t work as well.

False. The number one cause of Invisalign failure has been traced to the patient not wearing the aligners for the required amount of time. The aligners are easily removable, therefore allowing the patient to slip them on and off as they wish. In order for the treatment to be successful, the patient must wear the aligners as recommended. Invisalign developed a sensing system that detects how often the patient wears the aligners. This allows the doctor to see how the patient is keeping up with the treatment. Also, recent developments show that Invisalign gives results that last longer and are more stable.

Misconception #5: If I lose them, there are no replacements!

False. Most dental offices provide replacements for a nominal charge, and some offices will even replace as many as six aligners at no charge to the patient. Furthermore, some offices will provide you with retainers to help you maintain your straight smile.
Because this revolutionary technology is clear, it allows teenagers to breeze through their adolescence, and adults to disguise their treatment. Invisalign gently and precisely re-aligns teeth while being discreet. Invisalign is changing the face of orthodontics, from wiry and time consuming to clear and efficient. Can you imagine the extra time and money you would save on surgery and recovery? Invisalign is truly revolutionary.

CDA Dentists are Elite Invisalign Providers

To our knowledge, the Invisalign website lists no other San Antonio Dentists who have this level of recognition from Invisalign.
(Dr. John A. Moore received his D.D.S. degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center of San Antonio in 1981, where he also taught for 10 years. He has taught and lectured both nationally and internationally since 1990. Dr. Moore has extended training in Aesthetic Dentistry, Orthodontics, occlusal rehabilitation, computerized dentistry, prosthodontics and ceramics. Dr. Moore has been a practicing dentist in San Antonio for over 25 years. )