It takes about nine to 15 months to complete full Invisalign treatment. Most patients average out around the one-year mark, and others may take longer. Every case is unique and the treatment is customized from the start to suit your individual needs. While an aligned smile is clearly what you’re after when you opt for Invisalign, you’ll discover along the way that there are even more benefits to this type of orthodontia.
Invisalign Will Help You Kick Your Bad Habits
Whether you’re a habitual coffee drinker, sip on soda all day long, or snack throughout the day to keep your metabolism going, all of these habits aren’t good for your teeth. While these behaviors may help you manage a day at work or with the kids, they constantly bathe your teeth in acids and bacteria. Not to mention the java and cola cravings can eventually do some serious staining to your teeth.
When you wear Invisalign, the only thing you’re allowed to ingest while the aligners are in your mouth is water. If you drink anything or try to eat with the trays in place you could not only break them, but they will also become discolored, and that pretty much ruins one of the biggest perks of Invisalign: near invisibility.
Plus, Invisalign can help you break the unconscious habit of gnawing on a pen or pencil during the day and discourage you from chewing on ice or ripping open a package with your teeth. Treat your Invisalign aligners with the utmost care that they deserve, and you’ll ultimately end up being better to your teeth overall.
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You Might Just Lose a Few Pounds
While the majority of Americans are often attempting to lose a few pounds, Invisalign-wearers may revel in the fact that wearing the aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day requires them to make smart and strategic choices about their nourishment, including what they eat and when they eat it. Just giving up the beverage addiction as mentioned above or saying so long to the constant snacking will help whittle your waistline.
Invisalign doesn’t interfere with meals, however. You can still eat the things you love most. There are no restrictions about chewy or crunchy foods like traditional braces-wearers must obey. Being able to indulge as you like three times a day will keep the between-meal noshing at bay, and you’ll find yourself making healthier and more filling choices throughout the day so that you don’t have to disturb your Invisalign trays more often than necessary.
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Your Confidence Will Soar
If you’ve lived for years with crooked teeth, gapped teeth, or overlapping teeth, you know what it feels like to be embarrassed when you smile. In fact, you may not smile much at all, at least not broadly, if you’re concerned about how others will think of you thanks to your teeth. So the last thing you’ll want to do is draw even more attention to your teeth by opting for traditional metal braces with brackets and wires.
Thinking metal braces are your only option for orthodontia is shortsighted though – Invisalign can correct nearly all of the same problems as metal braces, and the corrections are done on the down-low. Not one person needs to know that you’re in the process of getting your teeth straightened until you’re ready to reveal the transformation. And then, the thing that people will notice most about you is your amazing a aligned smile. Choosing Invisalign is the right step toward aligning your smile, and as you watch your teeth move gradually into the proper positions, your belief in yourself and your appearance will grow and your confidence will be off the charts, which is good for your professional life, love life, and social life.
Find out if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign. Visit Dr. John Moore to discuss your orthodontic options. And ask him about the pioneering Invisalign-veneer treatment he developed to open the door to even more people who may have, at one time, been told that Invisalign couldn’t work for them.