Lasers Used to Trigger Cell Growth in Teeth

A new Harvard study has shown the use of lasers to regenerate stem cells in the body, namely the dentin in teeth. This team has found a strong response in new clinical laser applications to heal wounds, regrow bones, teeth and more.


Low-powered light lasers have be able to encourage stem cells to grow and form dentin, which is the bone-hard tissue that contributes to the mass makeup of teeth. The study done on lab animals showed that when holes were drilled into the molars, treated the tooth pulp with low-dose laser light and then sealed the molar with temporary caps, an amazing result came about. Twelve weeks later, using high-res x-ray and microscopy, a clinical investigator at the National Institues of Health (NIH) discovered that the treatment had spurred the formation of dentin.

While this laser treatment for dentin, or tooth regeneration is still in preliminary experimentation, this is a positive achievement for the healthcare industry. Those with excessive or even minimal tooth decay and degeneration could potentially find a new way for teeth to heal and grow once again.
(Source: Medical News Today- Researchers use lasers to coax teeth into repairing themselves)

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