Is your smile full of crooked, crowded, overlapping teeth? Then you know better than anyone the kind of impact it has on your life. We see it firsthand all the time in our San Antonio dental office.
Patients come to Dr. Moore at Cosmetic Dental Associates from all across the country because they want an expert in adult orthodontics. What’s so satisfying for our team is watching the transformation each of them experience when their treatment is complete.
It’s not only on a cosmetic level, although giving someone a straight, beautiful smile is reason enough to love what we do! But we get to see a person light up from within because of how they feel about themselves.
That’s why our team at Cosmetic Dental Associates wants to fill you in on the benefits that a straight smile can add to your life. Today, we’re sharing just a few of them by showing you what your life with a straight, attractive smile might look like!

Your Life With A Straight Smile

As we said, there are several benefits of orthodontic treatment, the most obvious of which is cosmetic. Other benefits, however, may surprise you!
You will love the way you look!
Living with crooked teeth, even if it’s just one or two, can be a source of constant insecurity and unhappiness. Even if it’s not something that nags at you every minute, it’s still something you see every day when you look in the mirror. Until you choose to correct it, it’s always going to bother you.
But once you have the straight, balanced smile you’ve always wanted, you’re going to love what you see when you look in the mirror! Imagine how it would feel to love your smile instead of criticizing yourself every morning when you go to brush your teeth!
Oral hygiene will be easier!
Here’s a change you’ll notice when you have straight teeth that may take you by surprise. Your oral hygiene routine, and consequently your oral health, will improve immediately!
Teeth that are misaligned and awkwardly positioned will likely overlap one another. This makes a clean mouth much harder to achieve. Even daily brushing and flossing isn’t going to be enough to get between your teeth effectively.
When your teeth are straight, it’s much easier to clean between them on your own. Before, your crooked teeth would probably only get a thorough cleaning at your twice annual dental checkups. Now, you can improve your oral health just by doing what you’ve always done with your daily oral care regimen at home.
That means lowering your chances of developing cavities, infections, and gum disease. A straight smile puts you in a much better position for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums!
You’ll feel courageous and confident!
This goes along with the cosmetic difference you’ll see with a straight smile. Not only do your teeth look more attractive and balanced, but knowing they look great will make you feel great. Being self-conscious about your crooked teeth will force you to hide your smile on a daily basis.
But a straight smile is one you’ll feel like showing off! That boost of confidence will give you the courage to pursue your professional and personal goals and dreams. You won’t be held back by the insecurities you felt before you chose to have orthodontic treatment at Cosmetic Dental Associates!

What Will Your Life With A Straight Smile Be Like?

One of the best things about orthodontic treatment with Dr. Moore is how easily it will fit into your lifestyle. We offer Invisalign, which has taken modern dentistry by storm in recent years. And Dr. Moore is incredibly talented, well-trained, and experienced in this ideal orthodontic solution!
With Invisalign, you can get a straighter, more beautiful smile in half the time than you could with traditional braces. It’s also great for adults because Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners that are almost impossible to notice unless you point them out to people. You can also remove them for more enjoyable meals and easier oral care at home.
Invisalign is comfortable, convenient, and effective! Your life with a straight smile can be dramatically different because of how you’ll look, and more importantly, how you will feel about yourself. You deserve that!
Call our San Antonio office today at 210-361-2110 (Medical Center) 210-361-2330 (Alamo Ranch) 210-934-8188 (Stone Oak) or fill out our online form to request a consultation for Invisalign treatment!