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Don’t you think you’ve missed out on enough because of your dental problems?

Out of embarrassment, you’ve avoided social gatherings of all sorts so you wouldn’t have to spend the entire time feeling anxious about your decayed, damaged, or missing teeth.

Thanks to our same-day smile solutions at Cosmetic Dental Associates, you don’t have to miss out on anything anymore.

Even better, your smile will look great after just one visit to our San Antonio, TX dental office.

3 Ways To Look Great In One Visit!

Here are three ways we can dramatically improve your smile in just one convenient appointment in San Antonio, TX!

*Permanent Dental Crowns*

At Cosmetic Dental Associates, you can relax in the chair and watch as Dr. Moore and our team use digital technology to quickly and precisely design your new, and permanent, custom dental crown.

After our CEREC software designs your crown, it’s off to the milling machine where powerful liquid jets and tiny, fast-working tools work a cube made of the finest porcelain into your brand new replacement tooth!

It can all be done while you wait so you can leave with a natural-looking smile on your face.

*Durable Dental Implants*

It takes a highly-skilled dentist like Drs. Moore and Tostado to combine the best in art and science. It’s not only what helps us find the best solutions to your dental problems, but it’s what allows us to replicate the most lifelike replacements available.

That, along with our technology, means you get dental implant placement that’s accurate, comfortable, and sturdy in as little as one visit. Faster healing is another benefit to our modern techniques so you can start loving your smile immediately!

*Implant-Retained Dentures*

You can chew without pain or discomfort and smile with more confidence than you had coming in for your appointment earlier that day. When your dentures are securely in place with just a few implants, you get attractive new teeth that are realistic and lifelike, as well as strong and functional.

Solve Your Dental Problem Today!

You don’t have to wait anymore to get a great smile. With our in-house technology and expert professionals, your teeth can be repaired or replaced in one visit with same-day smile at Cosmetic Dental Associates.

Feel better and look better today with help from our team!

Call our San Antonio office today at 210-951-4444 or fill out our online form for an appointment.


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