If spent any amount of time doing online research about dental veneers, you’re likely familiar with the general process involved.
Traditional veneers give you what’s commonly referred to as a Hollywood smile.
That’s because they are thin, translucent porcelain caps that are bonded on top of your natural teeth. But before that can happen, some of your tooth enamel will have to be removed so you get the best, most natural-looking fit.
But at Cosmetic Dental Associates, there’s an even easier way to get a smile you’ll love!
Dr. Moore can place your prepless veneers quickly for a gorgeous smile you don’t have to wait weeks to have.
Today, we’re shedding light on how prepless veneers in our San Antonio dental office are the easier way to get your dream smile!

Prepless Veneers: An Easier Way To Love Your Smile!

Too often, patients trust other dental practices for their custom veneers to get their dream smile. As a result, or perhaps we should say consequence, these patients have to wait for weeks to get their veneers placed.
That’s because many dentists have to send their designs to another laboratory so that team can fabricate the finished product. A team the patient doesn’t know and never meets.
That may be just fine for some patients, but at Cosmetic Dental Associates, we believe you shouldn’t have to wait that long for the smile you’ve longed for your whole life. And we also don’t think that customized veneers produced by technicians who’ve never met a patient fosters a sense of trust for those patients.
That’s why our process is different. We’ve invested in a modern, in-house lab where we can fabricate your personalized veneers ourselves. It’s just another way we invest in innovation to give you a better experience!

How Prepless Veneers Are Different

The first step in getting the smile you want is a sit-down consultation with Dr. Moore. Our team couldn’t be more proud to be led by Dr. Moore, who is one of the most sought-out cosmetic experts in smile beautification.
At your initial consultation with Dr. Moore, you’ll talk about the things about your smile that make you unhappy and what you’d like your new smile to look.
Then, Dr. Moore will guide you through all your options in our San Antonio office.
We know that as exciting as starting your smile transformation journey can be, it’s also pretty overwhelming if you’re not familiar with many of the innovations in modern dentistry.
That’s why Dr. Moore is very thorough in looking at your smile problems, goals, dental needs, and budget to design the plan that’s right for you.
Once you’re comfortable with his suggested strategy, you begin the process.
With prepless veneers, it’s fast, easy, and convenient. You get the same transformative results as you would with other types of veneers, but without the weeks of waiting for the process to be completed. That’s thanks to our in-house lab where we can custom-craft your veneers rather than send them off to another facility to be made.
Your new smile by way of prepless veneers might be the solution that awaits you at Cosmetic Dental Associates, but fortunately, the wait won’t be long!
If you’d like to check out some of our prepless veneers success stories, check out our smile gallery!

Call Today For A Prepless Veneers Consult!

You won’t find a more talented, experienced cosmetic dentist in the area than our very own Dr. Moore!
Dr. Moore is a forward-thinking innovator in the field of modern dentistry. He knows what it takes to give you a smile you’ll love no matter what dental problems you’re facing.
One of the methods he turns to for smile transformations in our San Antonio dental office is prepless veneers.
Dr. Moore’s extensive training and experience enable him to know whether your smile flaws require more complicated treatments over a series of weeks or months and whether they can be corrected quickly and easily with prepless veneers.
He’s the only dentist you should trust when figuring out if they’ll work for you! Regardless of the cosmetic procedure your smile needs, you’re sure to have a stunning smile when the next Valentine’s Day rolls around!
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