There is a misconception out there about cosmetic dentistry we want to address: People who come to our San Antonio TX dental office often assume that cosmetic dentistry takes loads of time and is expensive.
In some cases, dentistry can be expensive, but there are a number of ways in which you can quickly restore your smile without spending thousands of dollars.
Today we want to explore these quick cosmetic dental treatments and what they can do for your smile. You might be surprised to learn that many cosmetic dental problems can be resolved in a single visit — and probably for a fraction of the cost you are imagining.
Whitening Your Smile in One Hour
Teeth-whitening is one of easiest forms of cosmetic dentistry. Sometimes the teeth look faded or dingy, but the reality is that all your teeth need is a simple whitening treatment to boost your smile. Our teeth can stain because of age, tobacco use, or dark beverages like coffee, wine, or tea.
If you’re looking for white teeth in a hurry, we can provide in-office whitening treatments. This treatment can be rendered within one hour. The process is simple. We first need to clean the teeth thoroughly. Then we’ll apply a high-strength whitening solution to the teeth, which is activated by a light. You sit back and relax while the whitening treatment does all the work! We’ve found that in-office whitening is ideal for people who have upcoming weddings or important social events. We dentists have used whitening treatment for decades, and it’s perfectly safe. We just require that you’re free of dental decay or gum disease.
No More Jagged Edge on Your Teeth
Small imperfections like chips and cracks in the smile can ruin a great smile. Our office offers cosmetic shaping for patients who have uneven teeth or chips in their teeth. This service is ideal for patients who have undergone orthodontic treatment or those candidates who do not want restorative treatments like crowns or veneers.
Cosmetic shaping allows us to smooth out the teeth and make the teeth even. This gives the patient an even and uniformed smile. This treatment can be completed in one visit without major reconstruction of the tooth. So, you’ll have a more beautiful smile and keep a healthy portion of your tooth structure.
Veneers Without the Drilling
Veneers are one of the best cosmetic dental treatments available to enhance your smile. Veneers are a versatile treatment that can cover correct crooked teeth, gapped teeth, chips, cracks, and breaks in teeth. But one of the issues with veneers is that they are placed by removing a substantial portion of the enamel. Until now.
Our office provides prepless veneers that require no drilling, no enamel removal, and no injections. These veneers can be placed in one visit, as the restorations are created in our office.
Cosmetic Dental Associates in the premier location for cosmetic dentistry in the San Antonio TX dental office. In reading this, I hope you understand that cosmetic dentistry can be completed quickly and affordably.
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