New Studies Link Poor Oral Health to Heart Disease

While our focus here is providing our patients with an unparalleled level of excellence when it comes to San Antonio cosmetic dentistry, keeping teeth clean and healthy is also of vital importance. That’s why we recommend that you come in for a cleaning and checkup at least every six months. New research emerging from Taiwan and Sweden underscores the importance of the regular cleaning and consistent tooth care in your daily life.

A professional study in Taiwan found that patients who routinely had their teeth cleaned and scaled were less vulnerable to heart attacks and strokes. Meanwhile, Swedish researchers have found evidence that the type of gum disease an individual has indicates their likelihood of such occurrences. The studies were noteworthy enough to make it into the American Heart Association’s (AHA) Scientific Sessions which ran from November 12-16 in Orlando.

The Taiwanese study was conducted throughout the nation by Drs. Emily Chen and Hsin Bang Leu of Taipei Veterans General Hospital’s Cardiology branch. They examined 51,000 adults that had had tooth cleaning and scaling done regularly by a dental professional as well as nearly as many who had not. The results were a 24 percent lower risk of heart attack and a 13 percent smaller chance of having a stroke for the former group. It is believed that the procedure removes bacteria that lead to inflammation that can cause strokes and heart disease.

In the Swedish study, it was shown that those with more serious gum disease problems and fewer teeth in their mouth were more likely to suffer from heart attacks. To be precise, they had a 56 percent higher chance of having a heart attack then those with healthier mouths.

We don’t bring you this news to scare any of you who have let your cleaning appointments fall by the wayside. Yet it’s important to us that you know just how serious the effects of avoiding a teeth cleaning are.

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