You’re all dressed up in a fabulous costume that took weeks to piece together. The decorations have been artfully placed. The sugary treats line the buffet table, and the apple bobbing station is set.
All you need now are the guests!
Except your first guest is an uninvited one. It’s a toothache. And it’s been nagging at you all day, despite your attempts to remedy it with pain relievers and soothing gel. You try to ignore it, but like most unwanted interlopers, this toothache will not go away.
Don’t let this scenario become your Halloween nightmare. Find relief with help from our team in San Antonio! With restorative dentistry at Cosmetic Dental Associates, you can get the dental care you need for a pain-free Halloween!
We’re filling you in on some common party poopers behind tooth pain and how we can show them the door!

A Toothache Is The Ultimate Party Crasher!

Despite popular misconception, you won’t always know if problems are lurking in your mouth. That’s because dental pain isn’t a guarantee. Problems with your teeth and gums don’t always start that way, and sometimes, they don’t come with any pain at all!
Oh, but sometimes they certainly do. A toothache can be miserable, especially when you have better things to do, like enjoy a holiday! Ignoring it won’t help. In fact, ignoring it will only make it worse. The more time you waste trying to convince yourself it’s not a big deal, the worse the pain will probably get, too.
Your teeth aren’t supposed to hurt, so what’s the problem? Here are a few possibilities:
A Damaged Or Decayed Tooth
Tooth decay doesn’t happen overnight. Cavities are silent culprits that can fester in your mouth for a long time before you know it’s there. That’s why you shouldn’t believe the myth that all cavities start with pain. This is only true in rare cases where a cavity might affect a tooth in the perfect spot that puts pressure on the nerve. It’s not common, but it can be a reason for a toothache.
A tooth that’s been damaged in some way could also be cause for a toothache. Small cracks on your teeth can turn into big cracks, and this can definitely bring on pain. It’s important to get damaged teeth repaired as soon as possible to preserve them and protect your oral health overall.
A Failing Restoration
Maybe you had some dental work years ago that required a restoration like a filling or dental crown. And it’s treating your costume party like its own coming out party. Perfect timing, but unfortunately, it can happen.
It’s certainly not a common problem because restorations are meant to last many years. Technology, however, hasn’t advanced to the point where restorations can last your whole life. And if one becomes loose, breaks, or falls out, it could certainly cause tooth pain.
An Infected Tooth
A toothache can often be an indication that you have an oral infection. This is definitely something you want to get checked out by a dentist as soon as possible. That’s because if given enough time, an infection that starts in your mouth can end up spreading throughout your body, which is potentially dangerous. The sooner you get it looked at, the faster you’re out of pain, and the better off you’ll be overall.

Don’t Let A Toothache Crash Your Halloween Party!

A toothache doesn’t have to crash your Halloween party. Not when you have a team like ours at Cosmetic Dental Associates! We can treat every problem we’ve highlighted in today’s blog with restorative options like:
-Tooth-Colored Fillings
-Dental Crowns & Bridges
-Root Canal Therapy
Regardless of what’s causing your toothache, we have to stress again that it’s never something you should ignore. You need to be treated by a highly qualified dental professional as soon as you can so that you can be pain-free and clear of potential harm the source of the toothache could cause.
Our team will do all we can to make sure you get the dental treatment you need so your party can carry on this Halloween! Call our San Antonio office today at 210-951-4444 (Medical Center) 210-942-5047 (Alamo Ranch) 210-934-8188 (Stone Oak) or fill out our online form for an appointment.