Tending to Dental Health for the Elderly
According to a 2013 Harris Interactive survey commissioned by Oral Health America:
23 percent of older adults have not seen a dental provider in five years,
70 percent do not have dental insurance, 8/10 uninsured seniors could not pay for a major dental procedure and
33 million live where dentists and clinics are scarce.
Oral Health America has begun a nationwide project to increase the awareness of the decreased dental health in the elderly and remedy this healthcare gap. On a local and national scale, OHA has advocated for oral health for older adults.
Because older adults are more susceptible to overall health issues, the concern of a person’s oral health is essential. Gum disease, periodontal issues, mouth cancers, and related oral diseases pose a detrimental threat to the entire body, thus weakening an already vulnerable immune system in an aged adult. Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in America and is a major concern for adults. Did you know also that recent medical findings have show Periodontal disorders such as tooth loss and gingivitis have been identified as a potential risk marker for cardiovascular disease?
This urgent push from the Oral Health Association to encourage older adults to seek ongoing dental attention is important, and Cosmetic Dental Associates are proud to impart to the public as well.