Cosmetic Dental Associates has extensive experience in helping countless patients through our team of San Antonio dentists. Under the leadership of Dr. John Moore, the trained professional dentists here at Cosmetic Dental Associates have been improving the smiles of the people of San Antonio for over 30 years.
Having performed thousands upon thousands of procedures right here in San Antonio, our experience and track record for success has been well documented throughout the years. As new dental procedures come to light, and improvements to existing procedures are discovered, these are implemented into our repertoire of dental procedures.
When you come to CDA, you can be rest assured that you will get all of the individual attention you deserve from our San Antonio dentists. We take great pride in our procedures, and we take the time and effort necessary to craft the perfect procedure that will work best for you. Boasting our dental laboratory and our staff of highly skilled dental technicians with an eye for cosmetic dentistry, we can tackle any problem and fix any smile, so that you can walk out of our offices with a new, gleaming smile on your face.