New Studies Link Poor Oral Health to Heart Disease

While our focus here is providing our patients with an unparalleled level of excellence when it comes to San Antonio cosmetic dentistry, keeping teeth clean and healthy is also of vital importance. That's why we recommend that you come in for a cleaning and checkup at least every six months. New research emerging from Taiwan and Sweden underscores the importance of the regular cleaning and ...

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In Japan, Patients Are Getting a Different Sort of Dental Treatment

Here at Cosmetic Dental Associates, we take pride in our ability to provide our patients with fantastic San Antonio dental results. Our patients walk away with brilliantly white and straight teeth. That's the type of result that Americans have come to expect, and we wouldn't feel comfortable delivering anything less. But, hard as it may be to believe, that's not what everyone in the world ...

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Why You Don’t Need to Fear Getting Your Teeth Straightened

So you want to get your teeth straightened so that you don't have to be afraid of smiling in photos and when you greet people, huh? But you're afraid of all the pain and the embarrassment of walking around as a grown man or woman with your mouth full of metal like some middle school student. Look, you don't have to fear getting your teeth straightened out. Our team of San Antonio dentists have a ...

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Don’t Settle for a Dull Smile

Dentists and patients have grown incredibly fixated on San Antonio teeth whitening over the last decade or so. Movie and TV stars flash those pearly whites all over the place in public and we want our teeth to look just as brilliant as theirs. The good news is that it is indeed possible and far more affordable than it once was. It used to be that only the rich could have professional procedures ...

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What is Gingivitis?

At Cosmetic Dental Associates, we know that your mouth and your smile are crucial for everyday life. Because your smile is at the forefront of your body and is one of the first impressions you'll give off, we know that you want to take care of your mouth and your smile. For healthy mouths that do not need cosmetic dentistry, a strict oral health regimen is still required. If you watch toothpaste ...

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CDC Cares for Oral Health to Prevent Cosmetic Dentistry

While you might have heard about the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and understand that they provide health and wellness information, disease and illness statistics and educational materials, you might not realize the extent of the information they provide. At Cosmetic Dental Associates, we appreciate the efforts that the CDC is making towards developing a healthier nation and ...

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The 2011 TDA Smiles Foundation Announces Holiday Card Sale

Fall and winter bring a sense of cheer and giving that cannot be matched. The holidays are a time when people donate canned goods, food, clothing, toys, presents, and even their time and energy to make the best of the season for the less fortunate. All over the country families come together over food, exchanging their presents, love and cheer; all for the sake of making the holiday season more ...

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The Effect of Beverages on Teeth

Without proper brushing, anyone can severely damage their teeth, leaving to cosmetic dental work and other dental needs. While you might not think anything about the beverages you consume, your teeth can be severely damaged from continual exposure to chemicals found in many popular beverages. Below is a list of the popular beverages and how they can negatively impact your teeth and potentially ...

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Bridging the Gap

Are you missing one or more teeth?  If so, you should be aware that it can lead to a variety of other dental issues.  An uneven shift in your teeth can occur, you could develop a condition called TMJ and you even face an increased risk of getting periodontal disease, tooth decay and more.  Your best bet is to come in and see our dental office in San Antonio and discuss having a bridge or ...

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Are Dental Veneers the Answer for You?

If you're unsatisfied with the color, shape, length or size of your teeth, dental veneers might be the best option for you.  Our San Antonio dental staff can inspect your teeth and tell you if this is the best procedure for your individualized needs.  These wafer-thin shells are made of porcelain and are created in our lab specifically for you before being bonded over top of your teeth with a ...

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