Porcelain veneers are responsible for plenty of the flawless celebrity smiles people covet. Perfect, but natural-looking. White and stain-free. Teeth the ideal shape, length, and size. Veneers are a magical arm of cosmetic dentistry, but prepless porcelain veneers are even more powerful, because they can transform your smile in a fraction of the time of traditional veneers through a less-invasive treatment method.
Whether you opt for prepless veneers or porcelain veneers, the fact remains that this option will change your life tremendously. Not only will your smile be stunning, making you look happier, healthier, and more intelligent, your upgraded teeth will also boost your confidence and restore any lapsed functionality that may have been interrupting your speech or preventing you from eating the foods you love.
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What Makes Prepless Veneers So Special?
There are many factors that make prepless veneers a dream cosmetic dentistry procedure for so many patients:

  • The manufacturing process: While traditional veneers are sent out to an off-site lab for development, prepless veneers are made in-house, drastically cutting the amount of time that a patient must wait for their new smile to be created.
  • The editing process: Prepless veneers, because they have been created on-site, can easily be edited for shape, size, color, and more in a fraction of the time. A dentist with a modern on-site prepless veneers lab eliminates downtime, and makes it possible to create veneers that are spot-on sooner rather than later. There is no unnecessary downtime waiting for a new set of veneers to be sent to an off-site lab and returned weeks later.
  • The application process: When your prepless veneers are ready to be bonded to your teeth, as the name of the procedure implies, patients needn’t undergo any sort of special tooth preparation in order for the contact-lens-thin veneers to be applied to their teeth. Your teeth are cleaned and lightly sanded to remove any surface stains or high spots so that there is no interference with the final shade and thickness of the veneers. Then the prepless veneers are bonded carefully and fused to your teeth using fiber optic lights. The finishing touches are carried out through the artistic skill of the dentist who is applying the veneers, your bite is tested and adjusted where necessary, and the prepless veneers are shaped to look natural.

Prepless veneers maintain the integrity of your natural tooth structure while also supplying you with an authentic new look that mimics real tooth enamel.
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Appreciating the Artistry of Prepless Veneers
One of the biggest reservations patients have about cosmetic dentistry procedures is worrying that the edits to their teeth won’t look natural or normal. They don’t want to sport teeth that are too big or too long for their face, that are too thick or obviously fake. These worries aren’t unfounded – there are some people who have not been fortunate enough to find a dentist with the artistic eye and talent to create thin, natural-looking veneers. Seek out a craftsperson who is able to sculpt each patient’s customized veneers precisely to their liking. Request for before-and-after photos. Consult with the dentist. Ask questions about the types of veneers you will receive and how they will look in your mouth.
Prepless veneers should have a translucency that makes them look like natural teeth. And your dentist should want to see the veneers over your natural teeth first to get a good idea of how the color of your teeth affects the shade of the super-thin veneers. Before your veneers are permanently attached, take your time in reviewing the placement, shade, and size of your new smile so that you’re certain it will look the way you want it too once the bonding is completed.
Are You Ready for Prepless Veneers?
Prepless veneers are able to correct chips, cracks, stains, imperfections, gaps, uneven teeth, and worn enamel. Veneers are also an amazing solution for elongating short teeth, and their simple presence in your mouth can slightly plump up your lips, reenergizing your smile and face and making you look more youthful. New smile, younger looking? Who doesn’t love that kind of change?
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