The gums are responsible for protecting the fragile roots of your teeth from damage as they break up the toughest foods; however, these soft structures can become badly damaged if gum disease is allowed to develop. Diseases like periodontitis and gingivitis lead to receding gums, loose sockets and bleeding, and not all of the problems caused by gum disease are confined to the mouth. Working to treat or prevent disease affecting your gums will protect your overall health.
A Link to Erectile Dysfunction
A study released by dental researchers in Turkey shows that gum disease may be linked to erectile dysfunction in men. 120 patients suffering from both periodontitis and erectile issues were divided into two groups. The men who received treatment to heal the gum disease also saw an improvement with their erectile dysfunction over the three month study period. Researchers are unaware of what could possibly link the two conditions, but the promising results have encouraged new research into the link between gum disease and vascular health.
Warning Signs
As with most diseases, it is much easier for a dentist to treat gum disease when it is caught early. Keeping an eye on your gums will help our team provide the treatments necessary for a healthy mouth. The most common signs of disease development include bleeding during brushing or flossing, chronic bad breath, receding or shrinking gum lines, loose teeth, and swelling. Soreness and redness can also indicate serious issues developing beneath the surface of gums. Visiting a dentist for a cleaning every six months will ensure that your gums and the back of the mouth are checked out for signs of disease.
Other Risk Factors
Adults with diabetes need to spend a little extra time taking care of their gums, as the circulation issues that come with this chronic health problem make it easier for gum disease to set in. Gum disease then makes it harder to control your blood sugar, increasing the chances for other complications.
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