We’re taking a little time out this month to highlight just one of the many ways we help fix patients’ smiles at Cosmetic Dental Associates.
Dental crowns and bridges deserve a lot of credit for all the ways they’re relied upon in modern dentistry. Today, our San Antonio dental team is sharing a quick look at why we appreciate what they can do for your smile.

Dental Crowns Offer A Variety Of Solutions For Your Teeth

One of the most versatile restorations ever created, a dental crown can be used in a variety of ways that will help protect the health and structural integrity of your smile.
And thanks to modernity, they can also keep your smile looking great!
Here’s a quick look at how crowns often come to the rescue for our patients:
*To cover a larger cavity
*To cap a dental implant
*To replace a single tooth with a bridge
*To cover a cracked or broken tooth
*To strengthen a weak tooth
*To prevent further infection after a root canal treatment
We’re able to custom-craft dental crowns that look as natural as your own teeth so your health is preserved and your smile stays dazzling!

Crowns & Bridges Work Together To Complete Your Smile

We talk quite a bit about dental implants as the best tooth replacement option, but that’s really for patients who’ve lost several teeth.
The truth is, anyone can lose a tooth at any age for any reason. When you least expect it, a tooth can be knocked out from any sort of freak accident or injury.
Fortunately, people of all ages who lose a tooth and need a durable, yet beautiful restorative solution are better off thanks to our modern office in San Antonio.
We turn to dental crowns and bridges all the time to replace a missing tooth.
Dr. Moore can use two crowns to create a bridge on either side of the empty space. They bond with a crown in the center to act as your new replacement tooth.
Now, if you follow our blogs, you know we’re never afraid of a challenge! When it comes to making sure you get the most lifelike, seamless stand-in for your smile, we want ours to look the best.
That’s why we invest in the most innovative methods for creating custom crowns in dentistry today.
With our CEREC technology, we are able to fabricate your permanent replacement in one visit using only the finest, more realistic material for a natural-looking smile.

Learn More About Our Restorations!

To find out more about how we use dental crowns and bridges to fix your smile, give us a call to schedule a visit with our team in San Antonio!
Our restorations are some of the most natural-looking replacements modern dental treatment affords, which is something you may need to see to believe!
What we’re able to do using the latest, most advanced technology will completely change the way you see restorative dentistry!
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