Don’t let an injured, broken, infected, or missing tooth hurt your healthy smile and lower your quality of life!
You have Cosmetic Dental Associates in San Antonio, TX, a highly-skilled team of dental professionals who have the most advanced technology and techniques at their fingertips to repair your smile with restorative solutions.

Restorative Solutions To Common Dental Problems

Overcoming dental trauma, damage, infection, and even tooth loss can often be done with ease thanks to our modern restorative dentistry solutions at Cosmetic Dental Associates!
Here are a few of the treatments we used to keep smiles and oral health intact!

*Dental Crowns & Bridges To Repair Teeth*

A common multipurpose restorative solution is a dental crown because it can be used to:
-Replace a tooth as part of a dental bridge
-Cover a cavity that’s too large for a standard filling
-Protect a weak, damaged tooth
-Hide a discolored tooth
-Protect a tooth after it’s been treated with a root canal
With our CEREC same-day technology, you don’t have to wear a temporary restoration for a few weeks and return later for a permanent crown. We can make them right here in our San Antonio, TX office so you can walk out that same day with your smile restored!

*Root Canal Treatment For Infected Teeth*

If harmful bacteria makes its way through your tooth enamel, it can infect the delicate pulp, nerves, and root inside your tooth.
In many cases, you’ll be tipped off of this dental problem because of the intense, pulsating pain often associated with an oral infection.
Root canal treatment is the way to protect tooth, your smile, and your health from the potential spread of infection. It’s evolved over the years and is now a much more efficient, comfortable procedure that involves cleansing, sanitizing, and restoring the affected tooth and inner tissues so you can live pain-free!

*Tooth-Colored Fillings To Treat Cavities*

Filling a cavity used to require a mixture of dark metal that, too often, left patients with lasting evidence that they once had a dental problem. Even metal fillings located way in the back of the mouth could be seen when you laugh, sing, speak, and smile.
Now, you can come to our San Antonio, TX dental office to treat decayed teeth with tooth-colored fillings that won’t disrupt your smile’s appearance. Instead, your dental work will blend in without drawing attention to itself!

*Dental Implant Solutions For Tooth Loss*

Dental implants are the most successful way to replace missing teeth. That’s thanks to their fusion with your own jawbone after they’re placed inside to act as new tooth root.
Attached to the implant is an abutment that connects to the replacement tooth, which is a dental crown.
Dental implants can be used in conjunction with dentures, as well, to ensure maximum bite strength and sustained oral health over the long run.

*Dental Veneers For Various Types Of Damage*

Dr. Moore in San Antonio, TX is a cosmetic dentist known for his extraordinarily beautiful dental veneers. People come from all around to transform their smiles with our various veneers options, not only for the quality craftsmanship of our specialists, but for the cosmetic and restorative benefits of these durable, stunning porcelain shells that mask and protect problem teeth.

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Oral infection, a traumatic injury, damaged tooth enamel, and even missing teeth may all feel overwhelming when they happen to you, but restorative dentistry can offer a solution more easily than you might think.
Let us match the right restorative strategy to the oral health issues you’re facing so you can smile confidently, eat comfortably, and live without dental pain.
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