For many people, cosmetic dentistry starts at an early age with orthodontics. You, and most of friends, probably went through middle or high school wearing braces to straighten your teeth or to correct bite alignment issues.
But beyond wearing braces in your younger years, is there a reason for you to hold off on cosmetic dentistry until you’re a little bit older? Is there a right age for cosmetic dentistry?
That’s the question our team at Cosmetic Dental Associates will try to answer in today’s blog.
We can’t really assume that what’s right for one patient will be right for another patient. A younger person may come to us for cosmetic treatment that may be the perfect solution to their dental problem, whereas we could have a mature adult wanting the same procedure who may benefit more from a restorative option.
So like with most things, there are usually exceptions. But we do think that some cosmetic dental procedures are best left to people who are a little bit older for a few reasons.
Let’s start by looking at reasons that cosmetic dentistry might not be the best thing for you when you’re young.

Younger Patients May Want To Wait

If you wore braces in your early teens, for example, you probably recall the process began with your parents discussing your orthodontic options first with your dentist. They would’ve been told that they had to wait until all your baby teeth came out to start braces.
That’s because it would’ve been pointless to correct poor bite alignment or crooked teeth that weren’t even permanent. The same can be said for the rationale behind the timing of your cosmetic dentistry.
Now that your adult teeth have come in, that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped moving. Your adult teeth need time to settle before cosmetic treatment is worthwhile. If you cover a gap between your teeth with veneers while still in your teens, for example, there’s a chance your teeth can still shift, and that gap can still widen.
It’s also more beneficial to wait on cosmetic treatment until after your wisdom teeth have either come in or have been extracted. That’s because when your wisdom teeth come in, they can often shift your other teeth out of alignment. This can happen even after you already had braces, in fact.
Cosmetic procedures also will come with some level of maintenance. We’re not saying all teens are irresponsible, but it is often the case that teenagers just have different priorities than mature adults. They may not be ready to assume the responsibility of follow-up care or general maintenance of certain treatments.
Professional teeth whitening, for example, might involve customized trays and whitening gel that you do at home. In order to be safe and effective, you have to follow the instructions carefully and use the treatment consistently. This may not be something a younger patient is willing to do.

Older Patients May Be At Just The Right Age

When your adult teeth have had plenty of time to settle in and your wisdom teeth have come in or been extracted, you might be at the perfect age to consider cosmetic dentistry.
Maybe you’re just about finished with college and are looking ahead to your career and possibly getting married some time in the next few years. You’re now in a better position in terms of maturity, responsibility, and financial stability to handle cosmetic treatments. You’re more likely to maintain your smile with proper cleaning and follow-up care some procedures require.
You also have some pretty important life events to look forward to as an adult where lots of pictures can be a motivator to enhance and improve your smile!
You can also better afford to pursue cosmetic dentistry options now that you’re more likely to be established in a career and a steady income that allows for more financial security and freedom.

Are You Ready To Explore Cosmetic Dentistry?

As we said before, there are always exceptions. So no matter what your age, our team at Cosmetic Dental Associates have the knowledge and experience to help you decide which cosmetic treatment would be best for you and your smile goals.
Let us help give you a radiant looking smile that you’ll love for years to come, no matter your age! Give us a call today at210-951-4444 (Medical Center) 210-942-5047 (Alamo Ranch) 210-934-8188 (Stone Oak) or fill out our online form to request an appointment.