tcd-award1Last week a San Antonio Dentist was one of only four doctors to be awarded at the fifth annual Invisalign Summit at the Palazzo Resort in Las Vegas, NV. The summit was a four-day event attended by over 1,500 dental professionalswho traveled from all over the country to share case studies and acknowledge those who were advancing the dental profession and demonstrating top level dental skills.Dr John Moore, a practicing San Antonio Dentist for over 30 years presented one of the most surprising results of the Summit, having taken a patient who was scheduled for extensive jaw surgery and instead completed a full realignment using only Invisalign aligners. He credits his achievements to an important lesson that learned while teaching dentistry. He stated “It was teaching that really showed me the importance of continuing education and maintaining that attitude that one never stops learning.”  By staying current with the latest in dental techniques Dr Moore created the platform to take on cases and correct them, where previously such correction would be considered only possible through surgical means. “I believe in non-invasive dentistry. If you are willing to push the envelope and learn and use the technologies that are now being developed such as Invisalign, then you can work miracles in modern dentistry.”

invisalign-caDr. Moore was one of four dentists asked to present case studies at the summit. The cases presented were of patients with severely misaligned teeth that were believed not correctable with braces. However the case studies were the living proof that dentistry has passed a new milestone in terms of the conditions correctable through methods that allow the teeth and jaws to naturally re-align under very gentle pressure. Using Invisalign “aligners” Dr. Moore was able to completely re-shape a patients teeth and jaw alignment. A combination of advanced aligners, plus computer mapping in the hands of a skilled practitioner made this breakthrough possible.  “I can’t tell you how happy I am to be at the forefront of this new technology. I have every confidence that within the next 10 years conventional braces and invasive surgery will have become a thing of the past”

innovator-awardDr. Moore has been a practicing dentist in San Antonio for over 30 years at Cosmetic Dental Associates, and has been treating patients with Invisalign since 2002. He has also taught dentistry at the University of Texas Health Science Center. To schedule a consultation, call 210-696-1220 or fill out an appointment request form on