Aging isn’t easy for everyone. While silver hairs may not phase you, wrinkles might. A few extra pounds are to be expected, but a smile that begins breaking down could have you panicking. And your teeth are absolutely not immune to the years going by. There are ways to combat the signs of aging, but if it’s your face you’re concerned about most, the biggest secret of anti-aging won’t be found in miracle makeup or synthetic fillers – the solution is a smile makeover at your San Antonio cosmetic dental office.
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Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions to Combat Aging
Anti-aging dentistry is a reality – you can have one or more cosmetic dentistry or restorative dentistry procedures completed for an utterly transformative result. You can look younger, happier, healthier, and even wealthier and smarter with a smile makeover.
Here are some of the most common aging complaints that can be reversed with cosmetic dentistry:
Stained teeth: Discoloration, whether yellow, brown, or otherwise, is a side effect of aging. Your tooth enamel takes a lot of abuse every day and, ask you age, your enamel naturally begins to thin. The question is: Are your tooth stains inside your teeth or on the surface? If the stains are extrinsic, which means they’re on the outside of your tooth, then the foods, drinks, and habits you’ve indulged in over the years are most likely to blame. A healthy love of coffee, wine, soda, dark sauces, and the like can stain your teeth tremendously. But a professional teeth whitening treatment can reverse the unsightliness. If the discoloration is inside the tooth instead, another remedy will be necessary – most likely porcelain veneers or prepless veneers – to restore a healthy-looking grin.
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Sagging cheeks and jaw: While age alone can be responsible for the slow movement of your skin downward, missing teeth can also be to blame. If you are functioning with missing teeth, especially missing molars, know that this isn’t a condition to be tolerated but one to be fixed, immediately. Any missing teeth interfere with the foundation of your smile and the integrity of your jawbone, which means that your skin can begin to shift and your lips to curl inward. Dental implants are one of the most effective solutions for missing teeth, fusing naturally with your jawbone, supporting the foundation of your smile and filling any holes in your grin for a beautiful smile and younger-looking face.
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Broken teeth: There could be any number of reasons why your teeth are breaking or chipping. Maybe you indulge in some bad habits, like using your teeth to open bags and bottles. The older you get, the less secure your smile becomes, and any disturbance of the typical jobs of tooth enamel can create a fracture. But you may also be living with old dental work that is no longer settled properly in your mouth. A filling could crack, biting down wrong on a piece of food could cause a chip, or you might lose a dental crown. Porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, and any number of cosmetic dentistry solutions can be the right fix for this age-related smile breakdown.
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Thin lips: You don’t have to head to the plastic surgeon if your lips have gone from full to flat. Collagen contributes to the volume of your lips and, as you age, the less collagen your body produces. Appreciating this fact can help patients understand that topical solutions like plumping venoms are unlikely to work for long, if at all. You need a permanent solution, not a temporary one, like a filler. Prepless veneers are designed to sit on your natural teeth, and this solution results in fuller-looking lips – naturally. Even if you’re not anticipating a plumper pout after porcelain veneers, you may see that result anyway – and no doubt anyone who’s suffering a loss of everything because of aging will appreciate this desirable side effect.
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If your aging smile is making you self-conscious or unhappy, schedule a consultation with acclaimed San Antonio cosmetic dentist Dr. John Moore at Cosmetic Dental Associates. The fountain of youth is within your grasp.