FAQ: Is Sedation The Only Way To Overcome Dental Fear?

The short answer is NO!
Not when you come to Cosmetic Dental Associates, that is!
That’s because we understand that sedation isn’t for everyone. Dr. Moore and our gentle team think you deserve more natural alternatives to overcoming your paralyzing fears about dental care.
We’ve found other methods of making our patients feel relaxed and comfortable in our San Antonio, TX dental office.
It’s based on years of experience and a practical understanding of where many of those fears come from for a lot of people.
For instance, patients often feel tense even before they arrive at a dentist office. A patient-centered practice like Cosmetic Dental Associates understands that and is careful to treat you like family.
You won’t be rushed through your appointment like you might be somewhere else. We take our time so all your questions and concerns are addressed.
This helps to make you feel cared for, which goes a long way in easing anxiety.
But this only scratches the surface of our no-fear approach to your dental appointments. We’ve seen patients overcome their nervousness with each visit after they’ve seen for themselves the benefits of longer appointments and a caring team who moves at a comfortable pace.
Learn more about the ways we can help ease your mind about professional dental care at Cosmetic Dental Associates.
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