Soon, you’ll be suiting up for summer, which means you might be thinking about ways to get in shape.
Consider whether or not your smile might need the same attention.
Today, our team at Cosmetic Dental Associates wants to help you know how to get your smile for shape in time for summer!

How Teeth Get Out Of Shape

Just like your body, your teeth can get out of shape throughout the course of your life.
All the years of biting, tearing, and chewing can leave a mark by way of an unshapely smile.
If it’s not from being worn down from doing their job, your teeth can also simply come in that way, misshapen.
And for everyone, there’s always the chance you can crack or chip your teeth as a result of accidents or injuries.
But in the hands of the right professional, like Dr. Moore at Cosmetic Dental Associates, you can correct those problems for good!

How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Shape Them Up

The shape of your teeth affect your smile’s overall appearance, for better or worse.
If you’re wanting to get your smile in shape for summer, you have several options in our San Antonio dental office.
Here are a few!

*Dental Bonding*

Slow and steady might win the race, but sometimes all you need is a quick sprint.
Dental bonding is a fast cosmetic procedure that takes long strides for your smile!
A resin that matches your teeth is applied to your enamel where it will be dried and polished so all your tiny flaws are kept hidden from view. It’s an easy way to rejuvenate a worn, dingy smile!

*Gummy Smile Treatment*

Just like those who want to add muscle mass with weight training, your teeth might need to be beefed up with gum reshaping.
Too much gum tissue will cover your teeth, and that’s not the cosmetic ideal.
You want more of your tooth to show, not to stay hidden by your gums. Moving the gumline up, carefully and painlessly, the curves and lines of your gums and teeth will look healthy and balanced.

*A Variety Of Veneers*

We offer some of the best techniques and finest materials to craft your dental veneers at Cosmetic Dental Associates.
Whether your enamel needs very much modification or not, we’ll help you choose the right type of veneers to custom-create your dream smile.
It’s the preferred cosmetic solution for a long list of imperfections such as gapped, misshapen, stained, or damaged teeth. With good oral care, your new smile will be in tip-top shape and can last decades without fading or wearing down.

*Cosmetic Reshaping*

The actual shape of a tooth won’t require a treatment like veneers, or even dental bonding, to make the necessary corrections.
Cosmetic reshaping can do the job!
Worn or jagged edges can be smoothed out, and pointy, sharp teeth can be etched to the more proportionate length using this painless procedure at the hands of Dr. Moore in our San Antonio dental office.

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It’s time to get your smile in shape for summer!
And who better to help you do that than one of the country’s finest cosmetic dentists than our own Dr. Moore?
He, along with our experienced team, has the skills and technology to sculpt the perfect smile so you can feel relaxed and confident for your special summer occasions.
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