Some people have an overwhelming fear of having their photograph taken. They rush to the camera immediately, and usually demand that another photo be taken. They get overwhelmed quickly, and give up trying to look photogenic. Sound like you?
Smiling for photographs can be second-nature; you just have to work at it. There are several things you can do to make yourself more comfortable with your own unique smile so you look your best in any photograph.
Practice Makes Perfect
Much like an instrument, your perfect smile may take some fine-tuning. Don’t be afraid to spend a few minutes in front of the mirror trying out different expressions. Tilt your head a certain way. Smile bigger, then smaller. Devilishly crook your smile to one side. Then shake it off and try again.
Smiling takes practice. You may feel silly, but once you’ve found your best smile, you’ll be able to bust it out easily whenever you see a camera.
Be Genuine
People can tell if a smile is genuine or forced, the former being much preferable to the latter. A forced smile can make you look uncomfortable – not an expression you want immortalized online. Let your smile reach your eyes and feel natural, not cheesy.
There are a few ways to make sure your smile stays genuine. The first is to think happy thoughts! Bringing something lovely to mind, like a significant other or a pet, will make your smile much more genuine. Keep a series of funny images or quotes on your phone to look at. You can even ask for help: Have someone tickle you right before the camera goes off. A big grin is better than a forced smile every time.
Wear Your Best Color
You dress yourself for your body, now dress your mouth for your smile! First, your lips should be smooth and healthy. Invest in some good lip balm or chapstick to prevent painful cracks and hydrate your lips. Then, if you like lipstick, find a color that works for you. Often, a red lipstick with blue or pink-based undertones will make your teeth look whiter. You’ll bring attention to that gorgeous smile that you practiced in the mirror.
Cosmetic Dentistry
Your smile should be like a flower: at its best in full bloom. If you are really unhappy with your smile, consider heading to a San Antonio cosmetic dentist or your local dentist to fix your teeth. You can have them whitened, straightened, or any other procedure. You should love your smile, so don’t be afraid to take steps to fix it.
Don’t Say Cheese!
Saying “Cheese!” forces your smile into an awkward position by stretching your lips outward instead of up. Saying something like “mocha” or “Tuesday” creates a more natural smile. These words lift the corners of your mouth up, putting your tongue behind your teeth and opening your mouth slightly. Your smile will look and feel more relaxed this way.
Using these tips to improve your smile in photographs will yield much more flattering results. You’ll stop fearing the camera and hating your pictures. Practice your smile, make it genuine, take care of your mouth, and don’t say cheese! You’ll look grand in no time.