Even if you’re a social butterfly, feeling self-conscious about your appearance is a quick way to spoil a good time with family and friends.
A smile makeover can give your self-esteem the boost it needs for you to be yourself and have a good time, during the holidays, and long after.
Today, we’re unwrapping the smile makeover process so our team at Cosmetic Dental Associates can take your smile from naughty to nice!

The Gift Of A Smile Makeover

We have a team of highly-trained, experienced professionals who are ready and excited to take your smile to the next level in our San Antonio, TX dental office. Here are a few of the cosmetic treatments we can pull together to makeover your smile!
Do Your Teeth Need To Be Straighter?
People travel from all over to Cosmetic Dental Associates for orthodontic treatment. That’s because of Dr. Moore’s expert hand at Invisalign!
Here, you wear a series of aligners to gently move your teeth to where they should be. You can remove them to eat and clean and your teeth, and you only have to wear Invisalign for about a year or less!
Did we mention Invisalign is practically invisible? That’s right! You could begin treatment now, enjoy yourself at holiday parties without worrying about people noticing your “braces,” and have a gorgeous, straight smile by this time next year.
Do Your Teeth Need To Be Whiter?
Professional teeth whitening treatment is simple, fast, and affordable. It’s a great smile enhancement that also takes years off your appearance and boosts your confidence.
Teeth whitening treatment is also used in accordance with other cosmetic procedures to make your smile pop. If you get a couple of your teeth bonded or want veneers placed on just your top row of teeth, whitening treatment can be administered afterwards so that all your teeth match beautifully.
Do Your Teeth Need Repair & Protection?
Small chips and cracks on the surface of your teeth can easily get bigger over time. They also make your smile look unattractive and unhealthy.
Veneers are a great way to cover those flaws and protect your teeth for years and years because of their strength and durability. Another advantage of veneers is that they can look as if you had years of orthodontic treatment and a teeth whitening treatment all at once!
Do Your Teeth & Gums Need Shaping Up?
Sometimes teeth can look oddly small because of excess gum tissue. This is what’s known as a gummy smile, and there’s an easy solution to this cosmetic problem.
We can gently remove extra gum tissue, expose more of your teeth, making your teeth appear longer. If you need more reshaping after that, we can also contour your teeth to make all the edges and lengths look balanced and more visually appealing.
Do You Need To Replace Missing Teeth?
There’s nothing more embarrassing than a toothless smile. Not only that, but missing teeth can also lead to more missing teeth. That’s because empty spaces in your mouth are a wonderland for bacteria to feast on food particles, create harmful acids, and infect your gums. This increases your risk of more tooth loss.
If you’re only missing one tooth, a dental bridge could be all you need. This is a series of three fixed dental crowns that blend in with your smile to look completely natural.
If you’re missing several teeth, however, dental implants may be a more appropriate choice. Implants fuse to your jawbone, becoming your new tooth root for a strong, stable bite and a healthy set of teeth.

Schedule A Consultation!

You’re no doubt on Santa’s nice list, but that doesn’t mean your smile is, too. If all those naughty imperfections on your teeth have you feeling stressed and anxious about your smile, it’s time to consider a smile makeover.
Starting your journey with a cosmetic consultation now means that by this time next year, you could be decking the halls with the smile of your dreams. No more hiding from the cameras, no more insecurity when meeting new people, and no more standing in the corner watching everyone else have a good time.
You’ll be front and center at all your special holiday parties feeling confident and flashing a beautiful, flawless smile that shines like the lights on the tree!
Call our San Antonio office today at 210-951-4444 (Medical Center) 210-942-5047 (Alamo Ranch) 210-934-8188 (Stone Oak) or fill out our online form to schedule your smile makeover consultation.