If you’re self-conscious about crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth, it’s hard to enjoy yourself when you’re getting up close and personal with your sweetheart on romantic evenings out.
But Valentine’s Day next year can be so much sweeter if you have an impressive new smile that makes you feel confident and attractive.
With Invisalign, that’s well within your reach! At Cosmetic Dental Associates, we can design a successful orthodontic treatment plan using this innovative aligners system to move teeth into an ideal position and give you a smile you’ll want to share with the one you love, and we can do it in San Antonio in twelve months or less!

Start Invisalign Now To Wow Your Valentine Next Year!

Crooked teeth are harder to keep clean. Food particles and debris have more places to hide, and consequently, harmful bacteria has more fuel to cause tooth decay, infections, and more. So there are definite health benefits to straightening your teeth.
Along with setting you up for better oral health, Invisalign has other advantages over conventional orthodontic treatments. Here are a few:

*You’ll Get Results*

Even though braces are still a great option for correcting severe alignment issues, they’re not the only solution for crooked or gapped teeth.
Invisalign delivers the same aesthetic results that brackets and wires do – beautifully aligned teeth and a more attractive smile!

*You Won’t Have To Share Your Secret*

Your orthodontic treatment is entirely your business, so if you don’t want people to know you’re straightening your teeth, you don’t have to say a word! They’ll never notice you’re wearing the clear, nearly invisible aligners over your teeth!

*You’ll Get Used To Your Aligners Quickly*

Unlike traditional braces, clear aligners are so much easier to get used to. Instead of hard brackets and oftentimes sharp, poking wires scraping against your mouth’s soft tissues, your Invisalign trays will be smooth and fit comfortably over your teeth.
Not only is the force the aligners use to move your teeth gentler than braces, but they’re also removable, so you won’t need any time at all adjusting to a new diet or new oral hygiene routine!

Get Started Today!

Dr. Moore is an award-winning Invisalign provider who can expertly plan your orthodontic treatment for optimum results. He’s helped countless patients improve their smiles with Invisalign, even many who’ve been told by other dentists that clear aligners wouldn’t work for them!
Trust in the experience of Dr. Moore and our team in San Antonio to give you a straight, beautiful smile by this time next year to really wow your Valentine!
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