Are the athletes in your family gearing up for a new sports season?
Then our team at Cosmetic Dental Associates wants to make sure you’re investing in the best protection for their teeth and gums!
Dr. Moore creates comfortable, effective athletic mouthguards using the most durable materials and state-of-the-art technology in our San Antonio dental office. If you want to suit up for summer sports with the best protective gear, then you need to visit us for a customized fit you won’t get in a mouthguard anywhere else!

Athletic Mouthguards For The Win!

Going to a sporting goods store for an athletic mouthguard may seem like a time-saving, cost-effective option at first, but the reality is that they don’t measure up in keeping your mouth safe from traumatic dental injuries.
Here’s why it’s better to invest in a customized athletic mouthguard from your San Antonio dentist:

*Invest In Your Smile*

When your helmet doesn’t fit or your knee pads keep sliding down your leg, how well do you think you’re going to be protected when it really counts?
Your teeth and gums, lips, jaw, and head need the same kind of protection, so why would you buy a sporting goods store mouthguard that will slip and slide around in your mouth during a game?
A custom-made athletic mouthguard will give your teeth full coverage and will stay in place when you need it to the most.

*Invest In Your Team*

Protecting yourself against injuries while playing a sport isn’t just about the gear you wear or equipment you use.
It’s about your ability to concentrate and to breathe and move easily. As an athlete of a team sport, your performance matters to you, to your coaches, and to your teammates.
With a customized mouthguard that fits perfectly, you eliminate the possible distractions and impediments a loose, mass-produced mouthguard from a store would cause.
This will help you perform to your potential, which is critical to a true team player!

*Invest In Yourself*

How important is comfort to you?
If you want to optimize your concentration during a game and maximize the protection of your smile, comfort is critical.
A mouthguard that’s not measured especially for you is not going to fit comfortably, which means you’re not likely to wear it. And what purpose can an athletic mouthguard serve if it’s buried in your gym bag?
Investing in a professional mouthguard from your San Antonio dentist is an investment in yourself, because it means you’ll not only be protected, but you’ll be comfortable enough to stay focused on the game and even enjoy yourself more through it all.

Call Today For An Appointment!

Practices for many summer sports have already begun, so don’t let time get away from you before your favorite athlete’s smile is safe!
We’ll customize your athletic mouthguard for comfort and full protection!
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