It’s your experience and education that matter most when it comes to work, right? Your skill set and years on the job should help you get that salary going up and up and up, right? Indeed. But there are other factors that matter as well, and your teeth are one of them.
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Do you know how to work it?
Men and women who are considered more attractive have the potential to earn more money than their less attractive colleagues and peers, at least according to a study published by Research in Social Stratification and Mobility. Well-groomed women, in particular, had higher incomes than women who were not as well-groomed, and this data held even for people who were “naturally” attractive.
Looking appropriately attractive is what helps people prove that they deserve higher compensation and rewards in the labor market. And if you take the time to tend to your teeth, your income can increase exponentially. After all, wouldn’t you respond better to someone with a genuine, white, bright, smile? Wouldn’t you be more receptive to information coming from a person who is confident about how they look and how they’re conveying their message?
In the study, attractive people earned about 20 percent more money than “average” people. And of the folks who were designated to be of the same level of attractiveness, those who were also considered well-groomed earned more money. (Men reported an annual income that was about $7,000 times higher than that of women, but that’s a topic for a whole other discussion.)
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Why bother with major grooming?
Some people can’t be bothered to put on the suit or the makeup every day, and that is their prerogative, should their job allow it. But for those who always have their smile as an accessory, whether it is a casual day or a day for a full-blown business suit, the world is their oyster.
Showing others that you have put serious effort into looking good doesn’t go unnoticed. When you respect the details, others will believe that you will also treat a business, brand, or client just as well too. The ultimate takeaway: Grooming matters more than attractiveness. And your teeth factor into that equation. If your pearly whites aren’t up to par, it’s time for a change.
Here are just some of the life-transforming cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry techniques that can give you an amazing new smile and help you groom yourself to perfection:

What’s so great about grooming?
Grooming may seem like a hassle, just one more thing to do every morning. But putting time and energy into your appearance can reward you tremendously in the workplace. Grooming requires a person to pay attention to social cues and conform to certain social identities – e.g., women wear nail polish and men don’t (sometimes), so you can’t necessarily say that grooming is just in a person’s DNA. Your wish for a new amazing smile makeover, however, is certainly not in anyone’s genetic makeup.
Spend more time on your teeth, keep up with your preventive care visits, and go after the cosmetic dentistry that is right for your smile, like prepless veneers, Invisalign, or Lumineers. Make an appointment with Dr. John Moore at Cosmetic Dental Associates in San Antonio to discuss your smile makeover options get yourself on the right path to career domination.