Did you know that a pleasant smile could be your most valuable asset in both professional and private life? It’s true – 99.7% of adults believe a person’s smile is a critical social asset in getting ahead and staying there (aacd.com). Having a vibrant smile makes any individual look younger and more appealing to the opposite sex. The importance of having a great smile cannot be overstated since our modern society values people with a nice set of pearly whites.
Personal Benefits
Surprisingly, a great smile has major implications on a person’s career success. People begin to perceive you as more personable and likable from a conscious and subconscious level. The more likeable you are, the easier it becomes to earn more income, go out on more dates, and partake in novel experiences. Who wouldn’t enjoy more of these things?
Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures for both men and women. Since the procedure is very flexible and can be tailored to a patient’s unique budget constraints, teeth whitening is a service every modern person should be leveraging.
Apart from the aesthetic allures of teeth whitening, there are still great intrinsic benefits to smiling. After the muscles on the face contract to form a smile neurotransmitters inside the brain begin to fire. These neurotransmitters – dopamine and serotonin – are responsible for myriads of positive effects on the body, namely, they make you feel awesome. With a great radiant smile to show off to the world you can’t help but smile more!
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