Teeth Whitening Tips

Everyone would like a beautiful white smile but some of us need a little help to get the desired results. Whether you decide to whiten your teeth professionally or use over the counter whitening strips, you should know the facts. CDA’s top dental hygienist, Dolores Fales, offers advice on what you need to know about whitening your teeth.

Dolores has been with CDA since 2004 and is our most experienced Dental Hygienist and a favorite among patients.

There are several options when considering teeth whitening. Possibly one of the most well known methods is over the counter white strips which can be found almost anywhere. While very popular, you have probably heard those concerns that these strips can be damaging to the tooth enamel or just plain ineffective.

Dolores says, “Over the counter white strips whiten your teeth if you’re able to get the strips to adhere to your teeth. They whiten the surfaces they touch but are unable to touch the entire surface of the tooth which produces uneven whitening. So they are not ideal. Also the strength of the bleaching agent used in over the counter white strips is usually only a third of that used in a professional take home whitening kit obtained through a dentist. White strips do not damage your teeth when used correctly.”

Your dentist can discuss with you the most successful and safe way to whiten your teeth. Dolores continues, “The most effective way to whiten your teeth would be professionally with either take home customized whitening trays, or in-office whitening. Both are very effective and produce great results. Natural teeth whitening remedies such as lemon juice are ineffective and can be dangerous to your teeth.

Also eating and drinking habits may affect the longevity of whitened teeth, so remember to keep up with touch ups at home. Refrain from dark colored beverages like coffee, tea and red wine and remember to brush and floss after meals to keep those pearly whites!

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