Researching to determine who the best dentist in San Antonio is can be a bit tricky. In fact there really is no way to simply look up who the best dentist in San Antonio is. You really need to go through the process of interviewing dentists and then deciding who the best dentist in San Antonio is for yourself? One great way to look at the success a dentist has had in the past on the procedures you are interested in. Before and after photos are a great way to determine the general and cosmetic dentist’s ability to give you the desired results.
He has shared his experience in the form of seminars on a national and international level. He also has crafted his very own teaching materials for weekly training sessions of his staff to help make the patient experience as best as it can be. He has been treating patients here in San Antonio for over 30 years, and having taught at UTHSCSA for over 10 years, it comes as no surprise that people trust Dr. Moore and his team.