The Comfortable Path to Straighter Teeth

Over the last 10 years, a removable and nearly invisible method for straightening teeth has been developed with the aid of computer technology.  Our San Antonio cosmetic dentistry office has taken advantage of the development and is happy to offer you the Invisalign treatment.  The metal braces and rubber bands of old that made teeth ache to an unbearable degree and looked unattractive are no longer necessary in most cases.  Most patients can comfortably and subtly have their teeth straightened using this relatively new method.

Invisalign was developed by Align Technology, Inc., a California-based company, and has recognized our practice as the only Elite Premier Provider of their product in San Antonio, Texas.  The procedure is available to both teenagers and adults who suffer from an overbite, under-bite, and/or misaligned teeth.  It involves a series of ever-straighter clear, removable plastic aligners being placed over the patient’s teeth.  

Both kids and adults tend to enjoy the low-key approach to teeth straightening that the clear tracks provide.  For kids who want to be bold and add a decorative effect to them, though, colored aligners have now become available as well.  Our San Antonio cosmetic dentistry professionals find that most teens would rather not go that route because they don’t want everyone knowing they have braces.

Another nice benefit of the Invisalign is that the aligners can be temporarily removed for eating and brushing your teeth.  That being said, patients who want to get the best results must commit themselves to wearing the aligners for 20 – 22 hours per day.  If you’re ready to make that commitment, come see the best dentist in San Antonio for a consultation and get started on the Invisalign program.

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