Losing teeth can be devastating in so many ways, which is why patients often see traditional dentures as a welcome solution for replacing them.
But that’s not to say that removable dentures allow you to resume the same quality of life you were used to back when you had all your teeth.
Our mission when creating dentures for patients at Cosmetic Dental Associates is to provide the most secure, comfortable, natural-looking replacements so that tooth loss doesn’t impair your ability to live the way you want and deserve!

The Potential Drawbacks Of Dentures

Removable dentures require special care and certain modifications to your routine and way of life. You have to take them out everyday for careful, thorough cleaning and soak them overnight to help your gums get some relief from bearing the pressure of living out each day with dentures on top of them.
While they work for many tooth loss sufferers, dentures aren’t without their potential drawbacks.
They can sustain damage with nicks and rough spots that could cause harm and discomfort to your gums when they weigh down on them while chewing and speaking.
Here are some other common problems you may run into with standard dentures:

*Problems With Poorly-Fitting Dentures*

You want your dentures to fit securely for several reasons.
First, you want to be comfortable. Loose dentures that are constantly shifting around in your mouth, even to the tiniest degree, can irritate and inflame your gums. That’s one of the reasons soaking them overnight is needed. Your gums will need a break from that constant pressure put on them by the dentures.
Second, proper fit is necessary for you to eat more easily. If your dentures are too loose, dental adhesives can do little to allow you to break up foods, which can cause digestive problems. Another problem is that poorly-fitting dentures can drastically restrict your food choices and limit you to only soft, bland foods.
Finally, loose dentures can put you constantly on guard for potentially embarrassing mishaps. You can’t focus on doing your job or enjoying yourself in social settings if you’re always worrying about your dentures moving around or falling out. It’s mortifying, and all that anxiety can manifest itself in ways that affect your physical health, and your quality of life, as well.

*Dentures Can Irritate Your Gums & Affect Your Health*

One of the reasons it’s so important to thoroughly clean your dentures everyday is so you can avoid oral infections. This is made more difficult if you have unhealthy gums to begin with. Open sores or irritation on your gums, combined with dentures that aren’t well-cleaned and maintained, can spell disaster for your health.
As we’ve mentioned, proper fit plays a role in how well your gums can handle the adjustment to using dentures everyday. When they slip around, it can cause uncomfortable gum irritation.
Another potential health concern is proper nutrition. Standard dentures don’t allow you to eat some healthy foods that may need more bite strength to chew and digest easily. This can affect your body’s ability to absorb the right balance of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy overall.

Avoid These Drawbacks With Help From Dental Implants!

Your facial structure relies on a healthy jawbone to remain intact and to preserve your overall appearance. If you’ve lost teeth but still have enough bone mass to support dental implants, we can use them to support your dentures so you can have a stronger bite, better lasting jawbone health, and the security of knowing your replacement teeth won’t slip around on you.

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All this said, you should know that many drawbacks of traditional dentures can be avoided if you choose the right dentist.
Drs. Moore and Tostado at Cosmetic Dental Associates are highly-skilled dentists who can get your dentures right the first time, ensuring their proper fit and natural look. We can also anchor them with dental implants if you’re looking for a more secure, lasting option for your replacement teeth.
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