Before starting any important process – dental-related or not – you first need information.  And the best place to get this information is from the source itself.  So, if you’re unhappy with the appearance of your teeth or embarrassed about your smile, contact a cosmetic dentist before taking further steps.
Who knows…maybe there’s a less costly option more fitting to your circumstances.  Instead of veneers, maybe you could benefit more from alignment with Invisalign, teeth whitening, or both.  A professional can provide you with different options to choose from.
But in case you do end up choosing porcelain veneers, here’s the kind of process you can expect – from the initial session to your new, beautiful smile – broken down by trip visits.
Trip 1: Choosing Your New Smile
You have an incredible amount of options to work with when dealing with veneers.  However, there’s only one option perfect for you.  With an experienced cosmetologist, this is a fairly easy option to locate.
With your dentist, you’ll discuss things like how the color of the veneer will pair with the natural color of your teeth.  You’ll also discuss the imperfections you want the veneers to cover up – jagged teeth, chipped teeth, heavily stained teeth, etc.
Trip 2: Getting Your Teeth Ready for the Big Day
Your second trip will be more invasive.  To prepare your teeth for veneers, some of your teeth will have to be sanded down.  Your dentist will scrape away any roughness and remove enamel that could potentially cause issues while attaching the veneer plates.  If you have an overly sensitive mouth, request that your dentist uses a local anesthetic during this process.
After your dentist achieves a tooth shape and smoothness worthy of veneer pairing, he/she will then take an impression of your teeth.  This will be the easiest part of the day.  Some putty is put in your mouth, and then removed.  This impression is used to create the veneers for your next visit.
Trip 3: The Best Dentist Appointment of Your Life
You read that right – this final trip will make you love the dentist.  Any childhood dentist fears still stuck in your subconscious will vanish.  After this trip, you’ll look forward to dentist visits.  This trip will tower over past dental trips because you’ll leave feeling happy and confident, while wearing an unrestricted smile.
When you arrive for your third and final trip, your dentist will create a perfect match between your teeth and porcelain veneers.  Usually, this means minor trimming of the veneers and further shaping of the teeth.  Nothing too dramatic though.
Before permanently cementing the veneers to your teeth, your dentist may use a temporary cement to make sure you’re happy with the look.  After this, the real cementing happens.  A permanent dental cement is placed on the veneers and pressed to the teeth.  With a special curing light that prompts a binding chemical reaction, the veneers set almost immediately.  After this is done, it’s over!
Now get ready to indulge in a smiling free-for-all.  Smile when you want, where you want, and never second-guess your smile again.