If you or your child has a fear of undergoing a dental treatment, then consider receiving oral medication or gas treatments during a procedure. Cosmetic dentistry San Antonio experts know how to provide breathable gas, injections or oral medication treatments to make procedures such as drilling of teeth easier to cope with. Oral and breathable medications have been available for many years at dental facilities and are especially suitable for treating children who are unable to remain still throughout procedures because they are too young to understand what is happening. Most dental procedures require remaining in one position so that a dentist can fill a cavity safely, remove plaque from teeth or place a crown on a tooth, and a toddler is not able to do this.
There are Different Levels of Sedation
The medications given during cosmetic dentistry San Antonio treatments are typically a small amount of a sedative because most procedures are completed quickly when a patient is relaxed. There are several levels of sedation including:
• Minimal – a patient relaxes but can communicate
• Moderate – a patient has more relaxation but only responds to pain
• Deep – a patient is unconscious and does not respond to any stimulation
Dentists Understand How to Administer Sedation Safely
Parents might want to know why a dentist suggests sedation for a child, but it is essential to save time, control a child’s gag reflex and provide cooperation during treatments. While a child may display fear at a dentist’s office, as a parent you might also have a concern about cosmetic dentistry San Antonio procedures. To avoid complications, dentists undergo rigorous training in understanding how to administer injections or breathable gas along with providing oral medications. In most cases, a dentist uses as small amount of sedation as possible because they want the patient to wake-up quickly after a procedure is over.
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