If you have crooked teeth, don’t worry.  Today, there are many ways to straighten your teeth and improve the look of your smile.  Not to say your smile’s bad now, but – let’s face it – you want it to look better.
Your teeth are the first thing people notice when your lips part. Yellow or white?  Spotted or solid? Rigid or smooth?  Crooked or straight?  All these questions are answered immediately when you smile, speak or shout.  Sometimes the answers to these questions are favorable, but most of the time, they’re not.
Because straight, clean teeth aren’t inherited by everyone.  Some people have to fight for aesthetically pleasing teeth, especially straight teeth.  If you’re wondering just how many people fight for tooth alignment each year, this statistic might help.  According to the Pennsylvania Dental Association, approximately 4 million people are wearing braces at any one time.  Keep in mind that this doesn’t account for people using other straightening solutions like Invisalign and veneers.
When metal braces were the only solution to straightening crooked teeth, straight teeth were harder to obtain than white teeth.  Whitening of teeth only required a topical solution while straightening of teeth required something more involved – metal wires, brackets, clamps and rubber bands.  Whitening strips, toothpaste and mouthwash were easy.  Metal braces … not so much.
Today, though, metal braces are evolved.  They aren’t as big and aggravating as they once were and you don’t have to wear them as long.  There are also other, more revolutionary options to choose from.  But first let’s talk about braces.
As mentioned, braces are still very prevalent.  With about 4 million people wearing them this very second, they’re still a viable solution to achieving a better, straighter smile.  It comes down to the fact that some people prefer old-fashion methods over modern ones and, sometimes, the severity of disorder requires metal braces.
Metal braces are also good for children.  They promote healthy growing angles and ensure straight teeth for many years after they’re removed.  Wearing a retainer at night guarantees the alignment to last longer.
The disadvantages of braces are pretty obvious.  Having a string of metal attached to your teeth tends to complicate things; however, after worn for a few weeks, people acclimate to the system pretty readily.  Also, metal braces have evolved over the years and are now fairly comfortable compared to old standards.
Getting veneers is an aesthetic fix, not a fundamental fix.  After applied, your teeth appear beautiful and straight – even white!  Under the veneers, however, your teeth are still the same.  If you’re not worried about the alignment of your teeth, just about their appearance, dental and porcelain veneers are great options to consider.
A common misconception is that veneers only last a short amount of time.  This is proven false as many porcelain veneers can last up to a decade or longer.  When the teeth are sanded correctly, the veneers made fittingly and attached correctly, people enjoy white, straight teeth for many years.
And now for the great rival to metal braces – the clear retainer-like trays that mask themselves with transparency.  As there are misconceptions with all alignment solutions, the greatest one regarding Invisalign is that the system is only for minor problems.  We have nipped this misconception in the bud by making a dramatic transformation with Invisalign.  A set of teeth that looked irreparable were, in fact, completely straightened.
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