Use something over and over again on a daily basis and eventually it will begin to wear out, even with proper care. As you age, don’t be surprised to see changes in your teeth and gums. These shifts come naturally with age, but also develop because of habits, illness, or medications. Sometimes, a smile makeover is in order to get your teeth in proper working condition again and give you a comfortable, attractive smile.

  1. Stained teeth

Discoloration or staining of tooth enamel is a natural side effect of aging. A smoking habit can contribute to tooth staining. If coffee or dark soda is your constant companion or you are a fan of red wine, these preferences can, over time, affect the coloring of your teeth. Professional teeth whitening refreshes your enamel and makes even the most “old-looking” teeth appear new again. For stains that run too deep and that tooth whitening cannot reverse, porcelain veneers or Lumineers are an alternative that provides you with a white, straight, natural-looking, flawless smile.
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  1. Dry mouth

Dry mouth may occur because of aging alone, but it’s often other side effects of growing older that lead to dry mouth. Diseases like diabetes or illnesses that require a person to take certain types of medication can cause dry mouth. Saliva is critical to keeping gums and teeth moist, which prevents bacteria from lingering and forming plaque. Left for too long, the problem of dry mouth can cause cavities and, eventually, gingivitis and gum disease. Consult with your dentist if you are experiencing chronic dry mouth so the problem can be identified and resolved before you require restorative dentistry or periodontal treatment to correct even larger problems.
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  1. Chipped or broken teeth

It’s not uncommon for an older adult to crack, chip, or break a tooth. These problems are often a result of accidents or falls, but can also develop after a lifetime of using your teeth the wrong way – like opening bags or bottles with your teeth or chewing on ice. Older dental work, perhaps done at a time before modern cosmetic dentistry innovations, may also be failing. A broken crown or filling can break neighboring enamel and all of these fissures within your teeth also offer a place for bacteria to develop. Prepless porcelain veneers are a durable smile makeover solution that eliminates the aesthetic problem of broken teeth, but also make it possible for you to chew and speak with confidence.
Aging is a fact of life, but your teeth don’t have to give away the number on your birth certificate, and you don’t have to suffer with a broken-down smile. There are plenty of smile makeover solutions, plenty of them less invasive that you might think, that will revitalize your smile and appearance, even helping to make you look younger. You’re never too old to make a change for the better, and for your good health. Make your appointment with Dr. John Moore at Cosmetic Dental Associates in San Antonio to discuss your smile makeover.